Filming in New Westminster

Filming in New Westminster is made easy with beautiful locations: 1890s heritage homes, tree-lined streetscapes, campus-like park settings, and institutional buildings. Downtown is lined with heritage buildings, gritty street scenes, and majestic riverfront locations, all within a 10 block radius.

The Filming Office provides personalized location and permit assistance for filming in New Westminster with a one-stop-shop service to make your filming experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • Filming Fees

    Filming License Fee $275.00
    Multiple Locations on the same Permit $50.00 / additional location
    Daily Inspection Fee $100.00/day
    Damage Deposit (City Property) $500 - $5000 pending scope of filming
    Street Occupancy $200.00/block face/day
    Meter Charges (In Addition to Street Occupancy) $10.00/meter/day
    Signage $100.00/block/face
    Use of Fire hydrant $100.00/hydrant
    Municipal Services - i.e. sewer access, towing, snow removal, etc. $75.00/hour (min)
    Business License (In lieu fee) $150.00/year
    City Hall Interior $5,000.00/day
    City Hall Interior (prep & wrap) $1,000.00/day
    Civic Buildings Exteriors $500.00/day
    Anvil Centre By Quote
    Parking Infraction $200.00/occurrence/day
    Damage Deductions Cost of materials, 2x cost of labour & administration and taxes
    Set Supervision by City Staff 2x employees Collective Agreement rate

    Administration Fees

    Administration 15% on all charges

    GST# 119439503RT0001

    5% on all charges

    Parks, Culture and Recreation Fees

    Use of City Parks $565.00/12 hours
    (plus expenses)
    Use of Facilities $1,130.00/12 hours
    Parking Lot Rental $750.00/24 hours
    Garbage Disposal $50.00/bin
    Performance Deposit $1,000.00
    Use of Irving House $1000.00 / day

    Police Fees

    Deposit to Cover Policing
    (# of officers x # of hours x $150)
    (4 hours minimum)
    Administration & Tax 10% on actual policing costs plus GST
    Police Vehicle used as a Filming Prop (by request and pending availability) $35.00/hour plus GST

    Fire Fees

    Pumper Truck
    (Includes 3 Firefighters & 1 Captain)
    (4 hours min.)
    Ladder Truck
    (Includes 3 Firefighters & 1 Captain)
    (4 hour min.)
    Fire Inspector
    (Pyrotechnics, Special Effects, License, Permit & Site Safety Plan)
    $90.00 / hour
    Fire Vehicle Rental (Prop)
    (Includes Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator)
    (4 hour min.)
    Rescue Truck, Fire Hall Rental, Turnout Clothing & Other Equipment Rentals call for quote
    Performance Deposit $1,000.00 - $20,000
    Administration Fee 10% of all fees

    Fraser Cemetery Fees

    Preparation & Wrap Days $750 / day
    Filming Days $1,500 / day
    Cemetery Staff (4 hour minimum) $75.00 / hour or $100.00 / hour for
    overtime (per staff member)
    Graveside Props $300 / day
    Cemetery Equipment Use call for quote
    Cemetery Use of Buildings as Interior
    $500 / day
    Filming Coordinator Administration 15%


  • 2016 Filming Activity

    January Supernatural (x3) TV Series
      Second Chance TV Series
      Motive TV Series
      iZombie TV Series
      Prodigals Indy Film
    February Reebok TV Commercial
      Miller TV Commercial
      Faint of Heart TV Series
      Desjardins TV Commercial
      Flash TV Series
      The Further Adventures of Max & Banks Feature Film
    March Comcast TV Commercial
      Frequency TV Pilot
      When We Rise TV Series
      Dead of Summer TV Series
      Supernatural TV Series
      Max & Banks Feature Film
      Riverdale TV Pilot
    April Impastor (x2) TV Series
      Miranda's Rights TV Pilot
      Shirt Productions (x2) Feature Film
      Supernatural TV Series
      Lily TV TV Commercial
      Pfizer TV Commercial
      Prison Break (x2) TV Series
      Wedding Bells TV Movie
    May UnReal (x2) TV Series
      Crushed (x2) TV Pilot
      Prison Break (x2) TV Series
      Floyd (x2) TV Series
      Man in the High Castle TV Series
      Toaster Strudel (x2) TV Commercial
      When We Rise TV Series
      Shirt Feature Film
      Max & Banks Feature Film
      Aftermath TV Series


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