Front Street Parkade
Beginning Monday, February 1, 2016 Front Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic.

Project Update - March 2016

Deconstruction of the western portion of the parkade is progressing on schedule and is expected to move into Phase 4 this week. Following the completion of Phase 4, the contractor will proceed directly to Phases 6 and 7 and then return to Phase 5 (removal of the McKenzie Street ramp) later this month.

Effective today, Monday, March 7, the Sixth Street ramp to the parkade will be closed and access in and out of the eastern portion of the parked will be limited to Fourth Street only. Monthly reserved parking will no longer be located on the western portion of A Deck.

The Frontage Road between McKenzie Street and Begbie Street is now accessible for local traffic only from Begbie Street with no through access to McKenzie Street.  

Front Street businesses remain open throughout construction and pedestrian access will be maintained. Brief disruptions may be necessary to ensure safety and will be coordinated with businesses in advance.

Drivers and pedestrians are advised to exercise caution and be aware of nearby demolition and construction activities and obey traffic control signage.

The City is making every effort ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible with minimal disruptions to residents and businesses. For project updates and more information, please visit the project website or call the engineering department at 604.527.4592.

Truck Rerouting Information

Commercial truck traffic will be re-routed to other regional truck routes where possible, and the following changes to truck route commercial regulations will be implemented: Eastbound truck traffic on Royal Avenue will be permitted between the hours of 6 AM to 9 PM; and Westbound truck traffic will be permitted on Columbia Street between the hours of 6 AM to 9 PM (see map below).  Between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM, commercial truck traffic will be permitted on 10th Avenue in the eastbound and westbound directions between Southridge Drive and McBride Boulevard (see map below).

Front Street Truck Diversion Route Maps

Project Timeline


The City of New Westminster Downtown Community Plan (2010) and Waterfront Vision (2011) seek to reconnect our community with the Fraser River through improved access to the waterfront, esplanade and Westminster Pier Park. In September 2012, as an initial step towards achieving the Waterfront Vision, Council directed staff to explore the possibility of deconstructing of the western half of the Front Street parkade between Sixth Street and Begbie Street.

The decision was made remove the western portion of the parkade following the adoption of the Downtown Parking Strategy that highlighted the surplus of parking within the Front Street parkade.

The partial removal of the Front Street Parkade is an important first step in achieving the goal of seamless
connectivity to the waterfront. Increase views and enhancements to the immediate area will create an overall improved pedestrian experience.

Rehabilitation and Beautification of Eastern Section of Parkade

In preparation for the parkade partial deconstruction, the remaining eastern section of the parkade will be completely rehabilitated starting May 2015. Rehabilitation work has been scheduled to take place prior to deconstruction to ensure a supply of parking remains during the construction period. The rehabilitation work will ensure that this parking supply will be available for many years into the future without the need for significant additional work and will result in a structure that is more attractive to users and the community.

Deconstruction of Western Section of Parkade

Once the eastern section of the parkade has been rehabilitated, the City will move forward with the deconstruction of the western section. This process will include the closure of Front Street and the frontage road for work including:

  • Parkade rehabilitation;
  • Parkade office demolition and re-construction;
  • Installation of electrical conduits;
  • Paving of Front Street; and
  • New Lighting.

Access to businesses for pedestrians and deliveries will be maintained throughout the deconstruction process. It is a City priority to provide advanced notification of any necessary street and sidewalk disruptions in accordance with the recently endorsed Good Neighbour Protocol and to ensure as few disruptions as possible to the downtown community and businesses throughout the project. This will include clear traffic control signage and a communications plan that makes it clear to customers that Front Street businesses are open and how they can access businesses.

Front Street Mews

Following the deconstruction of the western section of the parkade, Front Street will be restored and the frontage road upgraded to a mews with new street parking stalls, a wider sidewalk, landscaping and other beautifying elements. The Mews will improve the experience of pedestrians and the overall esthetic of the area.

Two initial options have been identified for initial discussion:

Parking Options During Rehabilitation

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