Front Street Mews
Beginning Monday, February 1, 2016 Front Street will be closed to all vehicular traffic.

Project Update - February 2016

Effective February 1, 2016, Front Street is now closed to all vehicular traffic while work on the deconstruction of the western portion of the Front Street Parkade and the construction of the Front Street Mews takes place. Deconstruction of the parkade will commence at Begbie Street and will proceed east towards Sixth Street. Front Street is expected to remain closed until July 2016.

Begbie Street will also be closed February 1-5, to permit deconstruction work at the western end of the parkade. Traffic to the waterfront at Quayside Drive is advised to use the McInnes Street overpass or the Third Avenue overpass.

Throughout the project, local traffic will be permitted along the Front Street Frontage Road with access provided via Sixth Street (see map). The Frontage Road will be modified for two-way movement and on-street parking may be removed. As deconstruction of the parkade proceeds, portions of the Frontage Road will be closed for safety reasons.

Front Street businesses will remain open throughout construction and pedestrian access will be maintained at all times; however, brief disruptions may be necessary to ensure safety and will be coordinated with businesses.

Drivers and pedestrians are advised to exercise caution and be aware of nearby demolition and construction activities and obey traffic control and signage.

The City is making every effort to ensure the project is completed as quickly as possible with minimal disruptions to residents and businesses.

Project Timeline


The Mews is envisioned to become an attractive, safe and pedestrian-friendly street of which residents and merchants alike can be proud. The contemporary design for the mews will include a widened sidewalk, street furniture, lighting, street trees, traffic-calming, stormwater planters and angled parking to access local businesses.

The City has awarded design consultant services for the Front Street Mews to PWL Partnership and staff has worked with the consultant team to develop the design concepts for the Mews based on the following principles:

  1. Create a unique destination that attracts people and enhances the downtown experience.
  2. Create a place where people choose to stay.
  3. Retain a sense of industrial character.
  4. Create a mixed modal / shared street.
  5. Design the street to be safe, serviceable and accessible.
  6. Incorporate measures to reduce noise from adjacent transportation corridor.
  7. Provide adequate parking to support businesses.
  8. Address issues identified by stakeholder groups and the community.
  9. Create an engaging street edge with future development.
  10. Create a street that’s flexible to accommodate a variety of program uses.
  11. Integrate with the surrounding street network with strong connections to the waterfront.

Two initial options have been identified for initial discussion:


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