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The bylaws listed below have been placed on the Internet for convenience purposes only and may not be up-to-date. Where applicable, amending bylaws have been consolidated with the original bylaw for convenience only. Consolidated bylaws are not legal documents. Certified copies of the original bylaws should be consulted for all interpretation and application of the bylaws. To obtain certified copies of original bylaws or to verify that this is the most up to date copy of the bylaw, please contact Legislative Services at 604-527-4523.

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Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw No. 5791, 1988
Animal Care and Control Bylaw No. 7586, 2013
Anti-idling Bylaw No. 7261 (See Street Traffic Bylaw No. 6027, 1991, section 418)
Arts Commission Bylaw No. 7367, 2009
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Beekeeping Bylaw No. 6648, 2000
Board of Variance Bylaw No. 7226, 2008
Building Bylaw No. 6897, 2003
Business Licence Bylaw No. 5640, 1986
Business Regulations and Licensing (Rental Units) Bylaw No. 6926, 2004
Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw No. 7318, 2009

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Cemetery Bylaw No. 7068, 2006
Commercial Towing Bylaw No. 6507, 1998
Commercial Vehicle Bylaw No. 5789, 1988
Community Heritage Commission Bylaw No. 6423, 1997
Controlled Substance Property Bylaw No. 6679, 2001
Council Procedure Bylaw No. 6910, 2004
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Demolition Waste and Recyclable Materials Management Bylaw No. 7660, 2015
Development Approval Procedures Bylaw No. 5658, 1987
Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 7311, 2009
Development Services Fees and Rates Bylaw No. 7683, 2014
Downtown New Westminster Parking Commission Bylaw No. 5769, 1988
Downtown New Westminster Redevelopment Bylaw No. 5859, 1989
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Elections Procedures Bylaw No. 6142, 1993
Electrical Utility Bylaw No. 6502, 1998
Electric Utility Commission Bylaw No. 7125, 2006
Emergency Program Bylaw No. 6417, 1997
Engineering Fees and Rates Bylaw No. 7553, 2013
Erosion & Sediment Control Bylaw No. 7754, 2016
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Fees Bylaw No. 6186, 1994
Film Permit Bylaw No. 7793, 2016
Fire Limits Bylaw No. 5980, 1991
Fire Protection Bylaw No. 6940, 2004
Freedom of Information Bylaw No. 6226, 1994
Heritage Property Authorization Bylaw No. 7606, 2013
Heritage Properties Minimum Maintenance Standards Bylaw No. 6498, 1998
Highway Use Utility Bylaw No. 6129, 1993
Housing Regulation Bylaw No. 5598, 1986 – REPEALED- see Business Regulation Bylaw No. 6926, 2004
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Inter-Municipal Business License Bylaw No. 7610, 2013
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Light Intrusion Bylaw Bylaw No. 7277, 2008
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Municipal Ticketing Information Bylaw No. 6482, 1998
Noise General Information and Frequently Asked Questions
Noise Bylaw No. 6520, 1999
Noise (Construction) Frequently Asked Questions
Noise (Construction) Bylaw No. 6063, 1992
Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 7495, 2011
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Panhandling Bylaw No. 6460, 1998
Parks & Recreation Fees Bylaw No. 6673, 2001
Parks Regulations Bylaw No. 3646, 1959
Pesticides Bylaw No. 7288, 2008
Plumbing Bylaw No.4901, 1976
Pet Store Bylaw No. 7398, 2010
Procedure Bylaw (See Council Procedure Bylaw No. 6910, 2004)
Public Health Bylaw No. 4271, 1967
Public Nuisance Bylaw No. 6478, 1998
Purchasing and Tendering (Rescinded Aug. 27, 2007, replace by Procurement Policy)
Queensborough Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 7643, 2013
Queensborough Specific Area Sanitary Sewerage System User Charges Bylaw No. 5218, 1980
Riparian Protection Bylaw No. 7033, 2005
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Security Alarm System Regulation Bylaw No. 6404, 1997
Sewerage and Drainage Regulation Bylaw No. 7746, 2015
Sewerage System User Charge Bylaw No. 4525, 1971
Shark Fin Regulation Bylaw No. 7564, 2012
Sidewalk Cafe Encroachment Bylaw No. 6370, 1997
Sign Bylaw No. 6625, 2000
Smoking Control Bylaw No. 6263, 1995
Soil Deposit Regulation Bylaw No. 7102, 2006
Solid Waste Regulation Bylaw No. 7634, 2014
Special Voting Opportunities Bylaw No. 6143, 1993
Street Traffic Bylaw No. 6027, 1991
Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw No. 7142, 2007 – See Subdivision Process: Complete Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw


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Taxation Exemption and Exempt Properties Bylaw No. 7053, 2005
Train Whistle Cessation Bylaw No. 7698, 2014
Tree Protection and Regulation Bylaw No. 7799, 2016
Unsightly Premises Bylaw No. 5969, 1991
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Water Works Bylaw No. 7631, 2013
Water Shortage Response Bylaw No. 6948, 2004
Zoning Bylaw - See Zoning Bylaw - Planning Department

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