Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Lisa Spitale
Chief Administrative Officer

The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the oversight of all City departments other than Library and Police. New Westminster’s Economic Development and Communications division are also located within this office.

Development Services

Beverly Grieve
Director of Development Services

The Development Services Department is responsible for advising Council on the orderly, efficient and aesthetic use of land in New Westminster as well as the physical, social and economic development of the City which includes urban and regional planning, urban design, processing of rezoning applications, social planning, overseeing the heritage program, building and development, assigned strategic social and community issues, permits and licenses and bylaw enforcement.

The Department also focuses on the City’s strategic issues and specific projects that have corporate-wide impacts and require special interdepartmental coordination. Management of gaming activities, economic enhancement, investment generation strategies, and M.T.I. are also handled by the Development Services Department.


Electrical Utility

Rod Carle
General Manager

The Electrical department is involved in designing, constructing and maintaining overhead and underground electrical distribution systems; maintaining City street lights and traffic lights and performing the electrical maintenance work at a majority of City building/facilities.



Jim Lowrie
Director of Engineering

The Engineering Department is made up of two distinct divisions.
The Administration and Design Division is responsible for the design of the City’s water, sewer, drainage, road and traffic services and for the administration of the contracts of outside firms performing related tasks for the City.

The Engineering Operations Division is the outside workforce responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the various City services. Garbage collection, recycling, towing, animal, parking patrol and the City Garage are included in the Operations Division.


Finance and Information Technology

Gary Holowatiuk
Director of Finance & Information Technology

The Finance Department manages the financial affairs of the City. Specific functions of the department include billing and collecting property taxes, electric and water utility charges; accounts payable; accounts receivable; payroll and purchasing. The Finance Department’s goal is to provide expert financial and accounting information to Council, Administration and operational staff.

Click here to learn more about the Information Technology department


Fire and Rescue Services

Tim Armstrong
Fire Chief

The Fire Department provides fire protection to life and property as well as providing other rescue and safety services.

Fire Prevention through plan checking, inspections, and public education is vital role of our Fire Department. The Department also oversees the Emergency Management Office.


Human Resources

Joan Burgess
Director of Human Resources

The goal of the Human Resources Department is to best utilize the City’s most valuable assets, its employees. This goal is pursued through providing core services such as recruitment, labour relations, health and safety, training and development, and salary and benefits administration to all City departments. In addition, positive employee relations are fostered through the involvement by the Department in many City wide administrative functions. The department also acts as a “sounding board” for organizational and administrative ideas.


Legislative Services

The Department provides general legislative support, administrative support to Council and committees, elections services, Freedom of Information administration, internal records management, risk management and other related services required in the legislative area.


Julie Spurrell
Chief Librarian

Administered by the New Westminster Public Library Board, the Library’s goal is to provide informational, educational, cultural and recreational materials in diverse forms which match the particular needs and interests of New Westminster residents. The Library is organized into four departments; General Circulation, Children’s, Reference, and Technical Services.


Parks, Culture and Recreation

Dean Gibson
Director of Parks, Culture and Recreation

New Westminster is famous for its well maintained parks, first class facilities and top quality recreation programs. The department is comprised of two main divisions. Throughout the year, the Parks Division maintain the parks and playgrounds and beautifies the City with dazzling flower beds, hanging baskets and decorative areas. Whether the program is swimming or skating, arts or aerobics, bus trips or ball hockey, special events or softball, the emphasis in the Recreation Division is always on fun, with qualified leaders in a clean, safe environment.

The department is also responsible for the coordination of building maintenance for City facilities and the operation of the widely known Irving House Heritage Centre and Museum.



Dave Jones
Chief Constable

The mission of the Police Department is to work with the community to establish a safer environment by reducing crime, violence and fear. The department has three major divisions; general patrol, criminal investigation, and administrative and technical services. Community involvement, crime prevention and quality service are some of the key strategies which the department has implemented to help it achieve its vision of making New Westminster’s streets the safest in the Lower Mainland. The Police Department is administered by the New Westminster Police Board.

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