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A general map viewer showing all information available on a single viewer

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Our general map viewer optimized to support mobile devices and touch screens.

Our interactive maps allows users to search by address, parcel identifier and folio number.

The map viewers will allow viewing on all web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Specific Maps

Electrical Network

Shows fuses, switches, junction boxes, street lights, street poles, electrical circuits etc.

Silverlight Version (free plugin downloadable here)

Sewer Network

Shows sewer mains, caps, catch basins, pump stations, manholes etc.

Silverlight Version (free plugin downloadable here)

Water Network

Shows hydrants, water connections, water mains etc.

Silverlight Version (free plugin downloadable here)

Cultural Map

People, places, businesses and organizations that bring culture to our city every day.

Silverlight Version (free plugin downloadable here)

Garbage Zone

Garbage zone boundaries

Silverlight Version (free plugin downloadable here)


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Report, track and discuss issues in your city using this app.

Community Service Asset Map

This map will help you to find out about community, settlement and social services in your city.

Parks Inventory Map

An interactive mapping tool which you can use to locate parks, city facilities and schools for recreational purposes within your area. 

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