Yard and Food Scraps Collection

Visit Metro Vancouver's website and learn more about food scraps disposal.

Cleaner Greener Food Scraps Collection (single family homes)

Cleaner greener carts will be picked up weekly alternating with garbage and recycling.  Please view the 2016 Curbside Collection Schedule for more information. 

It is recommended that you layer food scraps with yard trimmings whenever possible. The Cleaner, Greener yard and food scraps cart expands the range of items for composting, resulting in even less waste going to the landfill!

If you have additional green material above what fits into your cleaner greener cart (for example, extra leaves during the fall season) please utilize kraft paper bags and place 1m away from carts on collection day.  Our drivers will reload the cart to dump the extra kraft bags.  No tags required for green material; please do not exceed 50lbs. in weight per kraft paper bag.

For more information or comments, please call Engineering Operations at 604-526-4691 or e-mail



Acceptable/Not Acceptable Items



Acceptable Items:

Note: Lining your cart with kraft paper bags or newpaper is optional.


DO NOT USE PLASTIC OR PLASTIC-LIKE BIODEGRADABLE BAGS. The City must comply with the requirements of our processor. Kraft paper
yard bags and newspaper may be used to contain food waste in your Cleaner, Greener cart.



Please DO NOT include:


TIP: Kitchen catchers or a plastic container with a lid are handy to temporarily store your food scraps in before emptying into the Cleaner, Greener cart. Lining with newspaper or brown paper bags may help make cleaning up easier. Brown bags in kitchen catcher sizes are now available for purchase at local retailers.

Current City Bylaws prohibit outdoor burning at any time.


Freezing Temperatures: During the colder months, food scraps may freeze to the bottom of your cart. As such, you may wish to line the bottom of your cart with newspaper and layer yard trimmings with food scraps or newspaper.


Cleaner, Greener collection will be collected weekly, all year round. Please refer to the Collection Schedule for more details.



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