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Update - February 2013
The City of New Westminster, the City of Surrey and TransLink, with input from Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and Metro Vancouver, are currently engaged in a collaborative review of potential solutions for replacement of the Pattullo Bridge.  This joint Pattullo Bridge Review process will include opportunities for public input to help identify a suitable solution. The joint review team proposes to bring forward information for public consultation later in 2013.  More information will be provided in the near future at and on this website.

If you would like to receive updates as part of the Pattullo Bridge Review, please click here and provide your contact information.


TransLink is the owner of the Pattullo Bridge and is responsible for maintaining it in a safe and reliable condition. TransLink has carried out technical studies which have shown that the bridge is nearing the end of its useful life. In February and March 2012 TransLink undertook a public engagement process for the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project. Concerns were raised that TransLink had already made key decisions and was only consulting on a limited scope of the overall project, a six lane replacement bridge immediately upstream or downstream of the existing Pattullo Bridge. Council passed the following resolution on February 6, 2012.

THAT Council direct staff to advise TransLink that the City is not prepared to engage in TransLink’s public consultation program… regarding the Pattullo Bridge at this time but looks forward to including a public consultation process on all options, in conjunction with the City’s Master Transportation Plan.

The City facilitated two open houses on May 3, 2012 at Century House in the afternoon and The Justice Institute in the evening. The purpose of the open house was to obtain community feedback on the vision and goals proposed in the Master Transportation Plan (MTP), and the proposed replacement of Pattullo Bridge.

The City used “PlaceSpeak” a public engagement website to present the information, provide a forum for discussion and a place to complete a survey questionnaire online. Questionnaires were also made available to the public on the City’s website and paper copies were available at the open house, City Hall and other City facilities.


The City of New Westminster Public Consultation

Drawing upon earlier technical work and previous public discussion, the City identified the following options:

Options Supported by TransLink

  • Option 1: New 6-lane bridge upstream of the existing location
  • Option 2: New 6-lane bridge downstream of the existing location

Other Options

  • Option 3: Rehabilitate the existing bridge
  • Option 4: New 4-lane bridge upstream of the existing location
  • Option 5: New 4-lane bridge downstream of the existing location
  • Option 6: Demolish the Pattullo Bridge and do not replace it
  • Option 7: Demolish the Pattullo Bridge and replace it with a Sapperton Bar crossing
  • Option 8: Demolish the Pattullo Bridge and replace it with a crossing outside the City (eg. Tree Island crossing)



Open Houses


Estimated number of participants:


Century House


Justice Institute of British Columbia




Questionnaires returned




Number of visits to the site


Number of connections to the topic


Questionnaires completed


Number of participants in online discussion
















Highlights of the data from the survey questionnaires are as follows:

  • There is strong agreement with the City’s policy of working towards no new added capacity for through vehicle traffic in New Westminster (Question 5).
  • There is strong support for pedestrian and bicycle connections between New Westminster and Surrey (Question 6)
  • While the respondents indicated that commercial goods movement between New Westminster and Surrey is important (Question 7), they do not support truck priority lanes on a new bridge (Question 8) and they support some form of restriction or ban for commercial traffic (Question 9)
  • Of the possible mitigation measures for a new bridge, there is strongest support for discouraging additional traffic, followed by reducing noise and support for improving City streets (Question 11).
  • There is strong support for tolling on the Pattullo Bridge (Question 12).
  • Respondents believe that Pattullo Bridge should function as a local connection between communities on either side of the Fraser River rather than a regional link (Question 13).

Click here to view the results of the open house questionnaires for the Pattullo Bridge.

The results of the open house questionnaires for the Master Transportation Plan will be posted on the Master Transportation Plan website at a later date.

TransLink's Pattullo Bridge Replacement Consultation

Please see TransLink's website for further details

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