Whether you walk, ride a bike, use public transit, operate a truck or drive a car, your primary concern is likely how to get around New Westminster safely and easily.  It is crucial to have an efficient and sustainable transportation system because this makes our community a desirable place to live and it supports the economy of the city and surrounding region.

New Westminster’s transportation network is not managed by the City of New Westminster alone, however.  We work in partnership with the Ministry of Transport, Translink and the surrounding municipalities on transportation-related issues.  The City welcomes and needs the involvement of residents in advocating for acceptable solutions to the transportation issues affecting our community.

The City of New Westminster’s objective is to provide viable and unobstructed access for everyone, including those with limited mobility and cognitive challenges.  The City encourages and supports individuals and groups who choose sustainable transportation alternatives, promoting the shift to greener (less polluting), more healthy modes of transportation. 

Transportation users (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians) are regulated by the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act as well as the City of New Westminster’s Street and Traffic Control Bylaw.  The City’s transportation system is implemented and managed by the Engineering Department in accordance with Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Guidelines.

To contact the City's Engineering Department, please call 604-527-4592.  You can also fill out an Action Request Form if you have any questions or concerns about transportation within the city.

In this Transportation section of our website:

  • You can find useful tools and many links to further information that will help you get around in the Transportation Alternatives, Links and Tools section
  • You can read the Master Transportation Plan, laying out the City’s transportation vision for New Westminster in the Master Transportation Plan and Related Policies section.  Included here are other guiding policy documents, such as our Sustainability Plan (Envision 2031) along with City policies on other things such as parking permits
  • For up-to-date information on road works and other City works projects going on, please go to the City Road Works section


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