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Energy Management Committee (EMC)

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Since 2002 the City of New Westminster has been active in energy management issues. Moving forward, a professional and coordinated approach to energy management for City Operations is required. A representative from BC Hydro, was asked to join the committee. The role of the BC Hydro PowerSmart representative is to ensure that all opportunities for more efficient use of energy are identified and prioritized. If applicable, energy efficiency incentives would be obtained.


The purpose of the Energy Management Committee is to partner municipal operations and the energy network utility to improve municipal performance by reducing the costs and environmental impact of municipal operations through increased energy efficiency. Areas to be considered are: electricity, gas and water consumptions, alternative energy sources such as geothermal, district heating, heat recovery & solar and potential reduction of emissions through fleet management. Policy changes within purchasing procurement will also be looked at over the next 14-16 month.

The Committee comprises municipal operations of the City of New Westminster, City Council and BC Hydro-Power Smart, Municipal operations representatives are from the Electric Utility, Electrical Services, Engineering, and Parks and Recreation.

Municipal Department Staff Title
City Council Jonathan Cote


Electrical Utility Rod Carle G M – EMC Chairperson
Electric Utility Services

Tim Smith

Manager, Electrical Services

Engineering Jennifer Lukianchuk

Environmental Coordinator

Engineering Roger Emanuels

Coordinator Design & Const.

Parks and Recreation Wayne Werbovetski

Building Management Coordinator

BC Hydro- Power Smart

Rick Truong

Key Account Mgr.

Administration Angela Danielisz Executive Assistant


Meetings will be scheduled every two months commencing in January and/or at the call of the Chair.

Term of the Energy Management Committee

The term of the committee will be two full calendar years. Possibility of extension will be determined at the end of initial term.


The Committee will provide municipal operating department managers and senior management with action plans for measures to improve energy efficiency. The Committee will be responsible for:

  • Promoting wise energy use within the municipal corporation,
  • Identifying opportunities for energy use reduction and/or energy efficiency improvements at all municipal owned facilities and all utility pumping stations,
  • Evaluating the identified opportunities’ potential to attract financial, engineering or operating partners and / or financial incentives necessary to assist with paying for implementation,
  • Preparing action plans and budget review submissions for selected opportunities to capture operating cost savings and energy savings,
  • Obtaining funding for municipal facility audits,
  • Ensuring identified benefits for each implemented project are tracked and reported,
  • Seeking input to provincial and national agencies to promote the findings and results of cost-effective measures and projects,
  • Promoting the adoption of these cost-effective practices to other municipalities based on evaluation reports and
  • Providing annual progress reports to elected municipal officials.

Other Items

In fulfilling its purpose the Energy Management Committee shall take into account the following conditions related to its energy management efforts:

  • The measures identified in the action plans must meet a benefit cost ratio that is greater than 1,
  • Benefits related to energy efficiency measures are defined as avoided power costs to the municipality and the value of deferred capital expenditures for both the municipality (if applicable) and the energy network utility,
  • The cost of an energy efficiency measure is defined as the difference between the cost of the selected measure and the cost of what would normally be installed by the municipality. The work of the EMC is to enhance the municipal capital planning process by looking at the life cycle cost of municipal facilities. Necessarily, the committee will provide a primary focus on new construction, while recognizing that retrofit projects also contain large opportunities for energy efficiency and operating cost reduction
  • BC Hydro PowerSmart will support the municipal facility manager and the municipal administration in acquiring the necessary private/public funding to implement the energy efficiency measures.
  • The City Council will adopt a motion to approve any energy efficiency upgrade costs which meet a predetermined payback criteria.
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