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Help us understand the effects of sea level rise in our city by submitting your photos!
King tide is upon us! Help us understand the effects of climate change and rising river levels on our city. Submit your photos at water's edge for our river rise storymap by posting on this stream at the following peak times:
Dec. 6th at 9:05 am
Dec. 7th at 9:56 am
Dec. 8th at 10:49 am

Suggested locations:

  • The Quay
  • Westminster Pier Park
  • Sapperton Landing Park
  • Any locations along Brunette River
  • Braid Industrial Park (along the water’s edge)
  • Any locations along the Queensborough dyke
  • Poplar Landing Park
  • Industrial area under the north end of the Queensborough Bridge (foot of 20th Street, ant the area below River Road) 
  • photos show recognizable features that demonstrate water level and location context
  • phone's location services are turned on for geotagging purposes
  • date, time, and location posted along with your photos

How to submit:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter with the hashtag #NWRiverRise
  • Instagram with the hashtag #NWRiverRise

​Thanks in advance for your help!


Date posted:December 5, 2017