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Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area Expanded Special Limited Study

The application period for the Expanded Special Limited Study is open until October 31st. The purpose of the Study is to identify properties that have an unusual characteristic which might make it difficult to achieve the property’s full potential under the zoning while keeping the existing heritage building.

 This Study is available to all owners of protected properties in the Queen’s Park Heritage Conservation Area. If you have a property that has an unusual characteristic, such as a highly sloped lot or a small backyard, or a house that takes up most of the property; if you are thinking of applying for a demolition permit in the next few years; or if you believe that your property has little-to-no heritage value regardless of its age, consider applying to have your property reviewed as part of the Study.  To learn more, please visit www.newwestcity.ca/heritage/qphca or call 604-527-4532.

Date posted:October 1, 2018