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Back to school safety tips


  • Be alert. If you are a driver, expect school zones to be busy and allow more time to travel through them. Watch for less safety-conscious drivers around schools!
  • Parents, consider alternatives to driving your kids to school
    • Walk or bike – Studies show that walking and biking to school give kids a big boost in alertness and readiness to learn once they are in class. They learn to be more street-wise, and walking and biking are fun, especially with friends!
    • Carpool or walkpool with friends or neighbours – Share the responsibility of driving or walking all week by teaming up with friends or neighbours. It’s a great way to start the day and reduces congestion on the roads.
    • Drop-off several blocks from school – Your kids will get a bit of valuable exercise and you're helping ease traffic congestion near the school.
    • Have your older kids use transit – They will learn skills in time management and navigation, and get a big confidence boost from their new-found independence!  Visit   https://www.translink.ca/   to plan their route.
    • Get involved.  Consider joining other parents on the PAC at your child’s school, to help promote school zone safety, walking and road sense in your school community.
  • General driving tips
    • Don’t turn around in a driveway (or back onto a roadway for any reason!) – it’s dangerous for pedestrians and other vehicles.
    • Don’t park or stop in disabled parking spaces.
    • Obey posted speed limits (school zone speed limit is 30km/hr).
    • Park thoughtfully, in legal designated spots and fully pulled up to the curb.
    • Make even one less car trip to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Date posted:August 22, 2019