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City acquires new park space at 1009 Cornwall Street
The City of New Westminster has recently acquired the property at 1009 Cornwall Street for the purposes of preserving open space and developing a future park. The purchase of this property comes in response to the desire to improve community livability, specifically related to the supply of parkland, open space and trees in the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood. Staff negotiated the purchase of 1009 Cornwall Street at the price of $1,150,000 and the City took possession of the property on October 25, 2019.

The 2008 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan identified the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood as being particularly underserved for park space both in quantity of park lands and proximity to park space. The new park site at 1009 Cornwall Street will service the largest area of the neighbourhood that is currently without park or greenspace access within 250m of homes.

While the site will be left largely in its natural state, in the coming weeks the site will undergo some maintenance to ensure that it is ready for public use. Development of the site into a more formalized park is contemplated in the City of New Westminster’s 2020-2024 Financial Plan and area residents will be engaged as part of the planning process for the site’s future development.

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Date posted:October 29, 2019