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Fit Friday Virtual Fitness Classes

The Parks and Recreation YouTube channel has new Fit Friday virtual fitness videos to help you keep fit and stay active during COVID-19. Check them out and enjoy!

Super 7 Workout with Dave (June 26)

10 Minute Cycling Drill with Dave (June 26)

Full Body Interval Workout with Courtney (June 19)

New West Cycle Fit with Dave (June 19)


Cycling Big Hill Drill with Dave (May 29)

Beginners Yoga with Courtney (May 29)

Cycling - 5 Fitness Zones with Dave (May 22)

Hi Lo Workout with Dave (May 22)

Interval Training with Dave (May 15)

Stretching and Flexibility with Courtney (May 15)

Important Note: Before taking part in these fitness videos, or other workout routines, please ensure you are medically cleared to do so. Click here to work through the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q+). When following any exercise class or video, remember:

  • go at your own pace
  • listen to your body
  • wear appropriate workout clothing and footwear
  • keep hydrated
  • have fun!


You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.

  • I understand that there is a risk of injury associated with participating and using the City of New Westminster (the “City”) online exercise videos.
  • I hereby assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that I incur while attending, exercising or participating in the City’s online exercise videos.
  • I hereby waive all claims against the City, its instructors, employees and elected officials of individually or otherwise, for any and all injuries, claims or damages that I might incur.
  • The purpose of this DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE is to make you conscious of the potential risks connected with activity in any exercise, physical fitness or training program. And to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you should participate in these types of activities. For guidelines before starting any physical activity, see the Provincial Health Authority’s website at or speak to your physician.
  • By entering this website, you are agreeing to accept all parts of this disclaimer.
  • This disclaimer starts from the date you start your new virtual exercise regime until the time the City can open up its recreational facility to you.
  • Most importantly, please enjoy your “new” fitness regime.
Date posted:June 3, 2020