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City to repeal Part 6 of Business Regulations and Licensing (Rental Units) Bylaw

New Westminster City Council has instructed staff to begin the process of repealing Part 6 of the Business Regulations and Licensing (Rental Units) Bylaw. In February 2019, the City amended the bylaw to include Part 6 which regulates how landlords and rental building owners can undertake renovations, and includes a number of regulations pertaining to restrictions on evictions. The repeal is in response to changes made to the Residential Tenancy Act in July 2021 which render Part 6 of the City’s bylaw inoperable.

To address numerous local complaints by residents experiencing renoviction, the City of New Westminster took bold action in 2019 to amend its Business Regulations and Licensing (Rental Units) Bylaw to include Part 6, a section that has specifically aimed to deter renovictions and to provide protection to those tenants who may be displaced by large scale renovation work. The City of New Westminster was the first municipality in British Columbia to tackle the issue of renovictions using municipal regulations and, as such, is considered a leader among municipalities for its bold and direct action to protect tenants. The decrease in the number of renovictions since the new regulations have been in place has been dramatic.

The new provincial legislation creates new provisions that place the onus on landlords to prove that their renovations are necessary and reasonable, and renders Part 6 of the City’s bylaw inoperative.

For more information on the City of New Westminster’s renovictions, tenant protection and resources, please visit newwestcity.ca/tenants

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Date posted:November 2, 2021