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Watering Bags for Tree Permits

New Westminster is rolling out its watering bag program for trees planted on private property. If you are planting a tree as a condition of an issued tree permit then you are required to provide adequate water in order for the tree to establish and survive during the one-year maintenance period.

Depending on your tree permit, you may be required to use watering bags to help your tree establish its roots, and show proof of installation around the tree; if this is not a requirement of your permit, we still highly recommend this watering method over sprinklers or hand watering. Watering bags are placed around the trunk of a newly planted tree and provide slow-release drip irrigation directly to the root system with no water lost to evaporation, and can be re-used for multiple years if kept in good condition. Please visit newwestcity.ca/services/trees/tree-permits for more details about tree permits and requirements.

City Hall is selling watering bags for a subsidized price of $25/bag, available from the Planning department front counter. Watering bags are currently available to everyone planting a tree as a condition of a tree permit.

Date posted:May 31, 2022