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Samson V Fuel Discharge - Repairs Complete

UPDATE Aug. 11, 2023

Repairs and cleaning have been completed, and the Samson V will reopen to the public at noon on Saturday, August. 12.

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 20, oil was spotted along the Quayside waterfront. The Canadian Coast Guard was contacted to determine the source of the pollution. Upon inspection, the oil appears to have originated from the old fuel tanks of the Samson V, an historic steam-powered sternwheeler that now serves as a museum. The Coast Guard, along with Western Canadian Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC), have cleaned up all the oil from the river.

It has been determined that the fuel leaked from the fuel tanks into the ship's bilge, where it was subsequently pumped outside the vessel. The Samson V bilge pumps have been turned off to ensure no more oil is pumped from the ship. The ship's hull is sound and there is no current water ingress. WCMRC have also placed booms around the vessel as a further precaution.

Currently, the tanks are being inspected to determine how much fuel is remaining and will take measures to mitigate any further leaks into the bilge. Staff are also in the process of securing contractors to pump the remaining fuel from the tanks and properly clean the bilge areas impacted by the leak.

The Samson V will remain closed to the public while repairs are being completed.

Date posted:August 11, 2023