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Tree planting at City Hall - June Update

Urban forests are increasingly recognized as a critical part of a healthy and sustainable city. The Urban Reforestation and Biodiversity Enhancement Initiative (URBEI) funding is helping the City achieve our 27% urban canopy coverage by 2030 target. This goal will supports the removal of 4,050 tonnes of carbon pollution every year and increase our forest’s carbon storage capacity by 50%. 

As part of this initiative, on March 13, 2023, City Council approved planting approximately 60 trees and native understory to transform City Hall front lawn into a sustainable civic landscape that better reflects city’s commitment to climate action and increasing biodiversity.

Learn more about the Urban Reforestation and Biodiversity Enhancement Initiative.


Tree planting was completed in April. In May, the pathway layout and edging was completed, and tree irrigation installed. Installation of the rewilding grass and flower seed over the treed area was completed in early June, and the blue construction fencing will remain through the rewilding seed germination period to ensure the seed gets a good start. 

Fencing removal and pathway completion is anticipated to happen mid-July.


Date posted:June 19, 2024