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Glenbrook Sewer Upgrade May-Sept. 2024

Construction for this project will take place at Glenbrook Ravine Park in New Westminster. This work involves upgrading the sewer and the diversion chamber, which manages the flow of wastewater in the sewer. Metro Vancouver will install two new maintenance holes, construct a new sewer pipe, and replace a gate within the diversion chamber.

Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2024 and be completed in September 2024. These upgrades will ensure wastewater continues to be safely managed when sewer flows are at their highest levels during wet weather.

Work hours:

Work will occur from Monday to Friday, between 7:00am and 5:00pm. There may be times when crews will be required to work extended hours to complete specific tasks. All work will comply with City of New Westminster bylaws or granted bylaw variances.
Construction Impacts
Construction impacts associated with this project include:
  • Temporary trail closure at the north end of the Glenbrook Ravine Trail
  • Trail access via Glenbrook Drive closed during construction
  • Trail access via Kwantlen Court closed for approximately two months, and intermittently throughout the project
  • Noise from construction activities, including excavation, drilling, water pumps, and generators
  • Construction vehicles and equipment in the area
  • Intermittent traffic impacts near Jamieson Court
  • Traffic control personnel in the area
  • A temporary site office located on Glenbrook Drive

More information

For more information about this project, please visit the Metro Vancouver website.

Date posted:April 15, 2024