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Top 10 changes at təməsew̓txʷ Aquatic and Community Centre

Since the phased opening of təməsew̓txʷ Aquatic and Community Centre on April 29, we’ve collected several messages with your comments and feedback.

We’re listening! Below are the 10 most common issues raised and what we are doing to address them. 

Over the next few weeks and months we will continue to address deficiencies and make adjustments to our processes. However, some changes will take longer than others to put in place and we ask that you remain patient.

Completed Changes

  1. Limited Water Pressure
    We’ve increased the water pressure in the change room and on-deck showers!
  2. Parking
    Lines in the first parking lot have been updated where possible. Our second parking lot is expected to open mid-June and will have plenty of space for larger vehicles and closer accessible stalls.
  3. Room Temperatures
    Issues with balancing the air temperatures in rooms throughout the facility have been addressed and will continue to be monitored. Our HVAC system is now keeping our upstairs areas cool. 
  4. Personal Storage
    We have plenty of free lockers in the universal change space by the pool but we’ve heard the request for additional spaces to store or place personal items. We’re adding hooks to the back of change room stalls and doors, a water bottle shelf by the sauna, and hooks and cubbies in the lap pool area.

Changes Coming Soon

  1. Sauna Temperature
    It’s going to get hot in here! We’re waiting on a new part that will keep the temperature at the correct set point. It should be coming any day!
  2. Cleaner Change Rooms
    We’re monitoring the use of the change rooms and are adjusting our staffing schedule to improve cleanliness. 
  3. Adjustable Depth Portion of the Lap Pool
    When our bulkheads arrive later in June, we can start using our adjustable height floor, accessible stairs, and angled ladders. These will be available for lane swimming, water running, and aquafit. Additionally, there will be more space for swimming lessons and aquafit classes. We are currently training new staff to ensure we are ready for this space!
  4. Check-in for Sports & other Drop-in Programs
    We’ve added a card system for drop-in programs and are evaluating as we go. Attendants are being trained to make check-in more efficient.

What we can’t fix quite yet

  1. Shower Water temperatures
    Change room and on-deck shower temperature will require additional time to update. Our current fixtures were not installed to accommodate different temperatures. We are investigating the feasibility of hotter showers in the change rooms and colder showers near the sauna and steam room. We do not have a timeline on this work yet. 
  2. Water fountains
    Due to the limited wall space, we are looking at the feasibility of adding a water fountain system near the sauna and steam room.

Thank you for your help and understanding as we continue to get settled in our new facility.

If you have feedback, please email

Date posted:June 11, 2024