Why are you switching to a new system?

Parks and Recreation currently uses a dated recreation software application that is being discontinued by the supplier. This has provided us with a great opportunity to secure a contemporary recreation application to better serve our customers.

Will my account information be automatically updated into the new system?

If you have unredeemed credit AND completed a transaction in 2017 you will be emailed and an account will be created in the new system.

All other customers will be encouraged in January 2018 to create a new account prior to the launch of the system.

Why doesn't Parks and Recreation recreate all customer accounts?

Since 1999, our current database has accumulated over 65,500 clients. Many of these client profiles are obsolete or incomplete. To ensure that we only bring in current and accurate information into our new recreation software application, your help and patience is greatly appreciated. We will be asking for your support as we request missing information, create your new client account upon your first purchase or ask you to go online to create your own account when the application is ready.

What will happen to my existing credits I have on my account?

Customers with credits greater than $50 or less than 3 years old will still be available in the new system. These credits can also be available for a refund on our old system.

Is my credit card or EFT banking information secure?

Yes, the new software application and payment processor (Chase Paymentech) are fully encrypted and PCI-DSS compliant to ensure your personal information is secure. 

Can I still register in person at a facility or on the phone?

Yes, you can still call or come and register in person at any recreation facility in New Westminster.

Why do I need to opt-in to receive notifications and emails?

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation requires users to consent to receive emails from New Westminster Parks and Recreation. You will be asked to opt-in to two different email options:

  1. Transaction emails – you will need to opt-in to receive expected priority sales based Parks and Recreation emails. For example, when you buy a service, you will be emailed documents such as receipts, registration confirmations, membership agreements, rental agreements, withdrawal or transfer confirmations, scheduled payment agreements and payment reminders, waitlist updates, membership pass expiry updates, etc.
  2. General communication emails – we encourage you opt-in to this option to receive our monthly e-newsletter to learn about new programs, service opportunities, and special events. In addition, we will send you a free birthday courtesy pass and notify you of any service disruptions or situations that may affect your experience with New Westminster Parks and Recreation.   

What should I expect in February and March 2018?

Parks and Recreation staff will do their best to complete your sales needs as fast as possible. Since we are using a new software application and creating accounts, we ask for your patience as it may take us a bit more time to process your in-person or phone-in transactions. Please note that you can buy memberships, programs, and many rentals online at your convenience.