Gatherings on Private Property

Anyone that is hosting an event on private property should comply with the current requirements from the Province and Local Health Authority.

Any for-profit venture requires a business licence whether on private or public property. You can reach Business Licensing at:  or 604-527-4565.

For a private event on private property, compliance with all municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and statutes is expected.

For any outdoor noise (such as a concert) it cannot negatively impact the peace, quiet, enjoyment, convenience of anyone in the vicinity. Enforcement action would be against the property owner or host as they are responsible for the property.

The City recommends that hosts:

  • Align the scale and scope of activity with the guidelines outlined in the BC Restart Plan phasing and the Gathering and Events Public Health Order.
  • Obtain proper licenses required for the event such as liquor permits or street use permits
  • Comply with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and statutes
  • Check with your insurance provider for any specific requirements and/or exclusions related to the proposed activity
  • If food is served, compliance with Fraser Health must be met.
  • Avoid amplification of music if possible. If the music could impact neighbours in any way, send a notification in advance to any affected neighbours advising of the date and time.
  • Exterior music must stop at 10:00 pm