September 2019 - Council adopted a new Building Bylaw. This bylaw is effective immediately.

While the changes are largely clarification and enhancement and to bring us into compliance with the Provincial Building Act, there have been additions/changes that will affect your interaction with the City.

Highlights you should be aware of include:

  1. Demolition Permits:
  • No work is permitted prior to permit issuance (including no abatement).
  • A Rodent Abatement and Control Declaration report is required from a licensed pest control company at time of application
  1. Occupancy Certificates are required prior to occupation of any new building (including single family and duplex residences)
  2. Fencing requirements for pools now includes all pools with a surface area larger than 5 square meters.
  3. Retaining Structures: a permit is required for any retaining structure (new and/or replacement) where any part of it is greater than 1.2m in height from the bottom of the foundation to the top of the structure.
  4. Solar Hot Water Ready: new single family residences (including single family with secondary suite and laneway/carriage house) are required to include provisions for future installation of solar panels.


For further information a copy of the bylaw may be found at

Or contact the Building Division at 604-527-4580.