Official Name - Anvil Centre



About The Brand

 The Anvil Centre is the official name for the City of New Westminster’s new multi use civic facility. 

 The name and identity for the facility is the result of a collaborative process involving representatives from New Westminster’s business and cultural community. 

 The name for the multi-use civic facility was directly inspired by the anvil’s unique place in the history of the City of New Westminster.  The anvil is a symbol of craftsmanship and strength, and recalls New Westminster’s proud roots as one of the province’s original industrial centres. 

 The logo is a stylized representation of both the soaring architectural lines of the Anvil Centre, as well as an inverted anvil. The overlapping layers within the logo reflect the multiple functions and activities that can be found within the Anvil Centre itself.  The colours in the logo reflect the traditional blue and gold of the City’s official colour palette.

 Just as an anvil reflects the energy that is put into it, the logo also symbolizes the energy that will emerge from the countless functions, events and activities that the Anvil Centre will be home to for generations to come.