Filming Benefits to You and New Westminster!

Bottom line, filming brings millions of dollars to New Westminster! Filming supports our local economy. In BC, filming spends $3B annually. In 2017, the New Westminster Film Office generated over $1M in film permit revenues that support the delivery of City services.

For New Westminster merchants and/or residents, one day of filming equals $10,000 - $20,000 of spending in our community for locations, goods or services. Based on 135 film permits issued in 2017, the economic spin off of filming in New Westminster was between $1.3 – $2.6M. Finally, New Westminster residents, who work in the filming industry, were paid over $47M in 2017. In turn, these residents (filming employees) buy goods and services in New Westminster and contribute to the wellbeing of our City.

Finally, filming is known to create ‘film tourism’ where fans come out to see where their favourite shows and movies are filmed. Popular productions such as Once Upon A Time, Supergirl, Riverdale and Supernatural see fans visiting our City to watch filming or find locations seen in past episodes.

In summary, filming is a powerful economic generator for New Westminster. The compilation of film permit revenue, economic spin-off and filming employment is estimated at $50M annually.