What is the Film Application Process?

In order to get filming approval, production companies have meet City filming bylaws, policies and procedures, which in turn, involves the successful completion of a series of steps and forms.

From your perspective, production companies need to provide you with a Filming Application letter that outlines date(s) and time(s) and location(s) of filming; film parking requests; special effects and extraordinary impacts such as traffic control or lighting; and provide filming and City staff contact information so you can follow up. You should receive this letter at least three business days prior to the proposed filming date.

In addition, depending on the scope of filming, a poll is required to ensure that you can indicate your support or lack of support for the filming application. Polling is required when there are multiple days of filming, special effects, extensions to the noise bylaw or road closures.

To help you understand the scope of filming, here are a few questions you should ask the production company (if not already indicated on the Filming Application letter you received):

  1. Where are you planning to park generators, washroom trucks and lighting lifts?
  2. Is there Intermittent Pedestrian Control on the sidewalk?
  3. Is there any Intermittent Traffic Control on any nearby roads?
  4. Are there any road or lane closures or partial closures nearby?
  5. How will you ensure that filming crew, equipment or cables will not interfere with customers coming to store?
  6. How many cast, crew and extras will be on-set? (Helps you understand the size of filming)
  7. Will you film in any weather or will your filming date change if weather is bad?
  8. Is filming mostly indoors or outdoors or both?
  9. Is there a dedicated spot for shuttle vans?

Note: the City askes all these questions and more through the application process. The above questions are just to help you understanding the proposed filming activity.

It is also understood and expected that production companies comply with Creative BC Filming Code of Conduct as well as all laws and rules that govern their work (i.e. WorkSafe, etc.).