I am Not Happy with a Filming Application or Active Filming…What Can I Do?

There are several opportunities for you to clarify your questions or express your concerns. The first opportunity is when you receive the Filming Application Letter and/or polling visit. The most effective communication is with the Location Manager and their contact information will be on the letter. The Production Assistant delivering the letter or doing the polling is helpful with your questions or comments but they do not have all the answers nor the authority to make changes.

Once the production company is filming on location, and you have questions, the best person to talk with is the on-set contact (usually the Assistant Location Manager). They are responsible for the on-location filming and their phone number is on the Filming Application Letter. Alternatively you can ask any filming staff member (visibility vests) to radio the on-set contact so you can meet and talk with them.  

The Filming Office phone number is also on the Filming Application to assist your filming inquiries.