Why are all those film trucks needed?

It is true, filming does not travel light! To create the onscreen magic, production companies need a large variety of cameras, lights, cables, props and equipment. Then they need all the staff to move set up and operate the equipment in the shortest amount of time possible. In turn, more vehicles are needed to host actors, feed the crew and provide basic amenities.

Well before the Filming Application Letter is distributed, the Filming Coordinator has worked with the Location Manager to reduce their parking request, and distribute it to several areas, to minimize the on-set parking needs. For example, staff vehicles and the bulk of equipment trucks are parked outside the filming neighbourhood and people and equipment are shuttled in.

The Filming Application Letter will include the parking details for essential on-set filming vehicles and equipment. As some filming equipment is heavy and awkward, some essential on-set parking is needed.

If you have concerns about parking, please discuss them with the Location Manager who will try to find a solution.