Are drones allowed?

Drones are permitted upon confirmation that the plan meets all current Transport Canada Drone regulations. The drone pilot is responsible for completing and submitting all requirements to the New Westminster film office and production company.

  1. Additional Aviation Insurance policy required.
  2. Permit conditional upon proof from Transport Canada that the airspace at this location (public park and residential street) is within the class that the operator is authorized to fly a drone within.
  3. Copy of valid drone pilot certification. (scan or photograph required)
  4. Drone registration number, photograph of registration number on the drone. (required)
  5. Written traffic management plan or pedestrian lock up with NWPD and for vehicle or pedestrian safety. (please include a map)
  6. Additional PA’s to do IPC to hold pedestrians during filming with the drone.
  7. Drone detailed flight path clarified in writing.
  8. Detailed map indicating Drone flight path and elevations.
  9. Confirmation, there is a light on the drone or only ground lights (photograph required)
  10. Confirmation of the size and the weight of the drone and that this complies with regulations.
  11. Specify the number of times and duration of drone flights.