6th Annual Queensborough Shoreline Cleanup
September 18, 2016
9:30 am
South Dyke Road, meet at south end of Carter Street

Bring your own gloves, shovels, rakes and clippers. There will be refreshments for participants.


  • Trees for our Community
    We will be planting 2 permanent trees. Participate with your kids, who will proudly remember their own contribution.
  • Protect our foreshore ecosystem by removing invasive plants and replace them with native plants. We will have instructions on what to pull out and where and how to plant appropriately.
  • FEATURING a community eco art project
    Join local sculpture artist Lisa Egan for a community art project. We will use interesting pieces of garbage that we collect from the cleanup, and transform the discarded junk into a playful, sculptural masterpiece that will be displayed at RiverFest on September 24.

Local Sponsors: New Westminster Environmental Partners,
Queensborough Special Programs Committee, Grant for purchase
of plants and other items provided by the City of New Westminster.


Sunday, September 18, 2016
9:30 am


South Dyke Road, meet at south end of Carter Street