Uptown Unplugged
October 2, 2016
12:00 pm
2:00 pm
Uptown, various locations

Uptown Unplugged is a weekly performing arts series presented in partnership with the Uptown New West Business Association and the Arts Council of New Westminster. Performances take place in various locations throughout Uptown and features talented musicians from throughout Metro Vancouver. October will be the last month of the season and we are bringing in some of our most talented performers:

October 1: Timothy Lambert
Lambert has made his living as a professional actor/musician his entire life, performing and recording in a variety of locations around the world. Over the years, Lambert has given private lessons on piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and guitar. He currently holds a BA in Theatre and an MA in Performing Arts.

October 2: Masa Ichigo
Ichigo started playing solo guitar four years ago and is influenced by Tommy Emmanuel.

October 8: Emma and Roland Nipp
Roland and Emma are a father-daughter guitar duo with a wide repertoire of family oriented music spanning the last 85 years. Roland is a professional guitar teacher and Emma, a Grade 8 student, is already an experienced guitarist having played more than half her life.

October 9: Daniel Sebastian-Cheung
Sebastian-Cheung is a young guitarist with exceptional musicality and guitaristic technique and has performed in London, Manchester and Vancouver, in addition to recording music for television shows, commercials and radio programs.

October 15: Nathen Aswell
Aswell is a recording artist based in White Rock, and he believes that his calling in this life is to inspire and heal through his heart-centered music-making. His CDs “Little By Little” and “YES” are celebrations of life, transformation, evolution and the oneness of humanity, delivered in a variety of popular music styles.

October 16: Margenne Mangaoang
Mangaoang was selected as one of the youngest members of the elite Saint Peter and Paul Parish Choir, where she performed for the Pope. In 2012, Margenne was invited to be lead singer for the band Pobre. Four months later, she recorded her original song Ray Of Light, which made its way to the #1 one spot on Rakista Radio for two months!


Sunday, October 2, 2016
12:00 pm
2:00 pm
Uptown New West Business Association and the Arts Council of New Westminster


Uptown, various locations