A Tribe of One: Film Screening
January 28, 2017
11:00 am
12:00 pm
Anvil Centre, room 417

In association with New Westminster Museum’s feature exhibition, The Witness Blanket, join us for a screening of A Tribe of One. This film follows Rhonda Larrabee who discovered she was of First Nations descent. Rhonda's journey led eventually to the dramatic resolution of her own identity: obtaining her Indian Status Card and re-establishing the New Westminster Band. Today, as proud Chief of the Band, she is focused on revitalizing the Qayqayt First Nations. Featuring beautiful archival images and compelling interviews, this documentary captures Rhonda's quest to embrace her roots and make amends for her mother's pain.

All ages

Contact 604-527-4640.


Saturday, January 28, 2017
11:00 am
12:00 pm
New Westminster Museums and Heritage Services
By donation, reg #155079


Anvil Centre, room 417