Innovating How and What New West Eats
February 23, 2018
March 3, 2018

The following New Westminster restaurants are doing great things in the community! Be sure to check out how they are creatively approaching food in New West. Check back as we add more.

Wild Rice:

Wild Rice Market Bistro offers a unique experience at River Market at Westminster Quay. There are views a-plenty: the river, the open kitchen, and the art gallery on the walls provide a visual feast. From Feb 21 to Mar 18, Wild Rice is offering a feast for your stomach with two course meals for $20. Your choice of one of three appies and one of three mains. They'll also deduct $10 off every bottle of BC Wine. These specials are dine in only.

El Santo: 

At el Santo we make a priority to reduce the prepared products that we bring in as like to make most of what we serve from scratch.., we make our sour cream, vinegar, tortillas, etc. We also work to minimize waste and use those products in an efficient and creative way to ensure that every part of every ingredient is used. We save and dry the stems from our herbs to use in smoking, use the husk for deserts, etc. For innovation week we will be running specials that we feel show these qualities off.

Piva Modern Italian: 

At Piva Modern Italian, innovation is in our DNA!  We focus on the alchemy of food and cocktails creating a modern culinary experience for our diners.  With our open concept kitchen, guests can watch our chefs create some of the most innovative Italian dishes in Vancouver while sharing a bottle of wine from some of the coolest boutique wineries in BC.  Check us out – we’ll do our best to impress you with a truly unique experience. 

Paddlewheeler Pub

The Paddlewheeler Pub recently invested in a new fryer. It might seem like old technology but what they have selected is a bit different and brings innovation to the restaurant. Their new machine can reduce fryer costs by 30-50%, means that workers aren't required to handle the hot oil, improving their safety, and it reduces their carbon  footprint by not ordering as many plastic oil containers.


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