Connaught Heights Playground Open House #3
February 5, 2019
3:00 pm
5:00 pm
Connaught Heights Elementary School, 2201 London Street (library)

We're holding a third open house to present the preferred plan, based on the feedback received from the community, for the Connaught Heights Park Playground, located at 2138 Ninth Avenue.

The preferred option being presented was developed from the ideas collected from:

  • Connaught Height students at the annual Carnival - June 8th, 2018
  • Drawings on the outdoor chalkboard
  • Meetings with the PAC and the teachers
  • Public Open House #1 – June 20, 2018
  • Public Open House #2- November 14, 2018

We invite residents, students, park users and others who have an interest in the community to attend this open house and comment on the proposed design for the new playground. We want your feedback, so please stop by and speak with us!

View the open house boards.

You can also take our online survey.


Tuesday, February 5, 2019
3:00 pm
5:00 pm
The City of New Westminster


Connaught Heights Elementary School, 2201 London Street (library)