National Indigenous Peoples Day 2021
June 21, 2021

This year celebrate with us virtually through a diverse presentation of Indigenous culture and heritage through the arts, cultural teachings, story-telling, family friendly crafts and dance.

Check back with us on Monday, June 21 for the full roster of events and resources.


10:15 am Livestream with Medicine Wheel Making with S^yowah​ (Arts Council of New Westminster)

Learn about Indigenous ways of knowing as S^yowah leads you through the making of a medicine wheel. A short Q&A will follow.

Meet S^yowah

Click here to join the webinar


Wild Moccasin Dancers

Pow Wow Instruction with Shyama-Priya & David Whitebean

Meet Shyama-Prima

Meet David Whitebean


Squamish Ocean Canoe Family

Squamish Elder Blessing with Elder Alroy Baker


Ha7lh Kwekwayel- Greeting of the day
Tem Tem – Snowbird Song



Pow Wow Videos 

Annually Spirit of the Children Society has a learning Pow Wow.  Unfortunately due to COVID we haven’t been able to gather together but in community spirit we offer these videos to share our culture and advance understanding and acceptance of one another in our community.

View the playlist here

Medicine Pouch Instruction and Teaching with Ernie Cardinal

Meet Ernie Cardinal

Puppet Show: A Traditional Walk with Devoina Laliberte & Tara Hahn

Meet Devoina Laliberte

Meet Tara Hahn

Savage Society

Storytelling with Saltwater Hank

A true musical craftsman, Tsimshian folk artist Saltwater Hank honours the historical tales of ordinary folks with extraordinary will in a way that tugs on your heartstrings and gets your toes tapping. Born in Prince Rupert, BC and a member of the Gitga’at community, Saltwater Hank resurrects stories of the land, loss and absurd circumstance and shines them through a sepia lens.

Singing with Ila Barker

With soul and voice as smooth as warm honey, singer songwriter Ila Barker captures audiences with her sweet melodies and dynamic presence. Ila is of mixed Anishinaabe and settler heritage with roots running deep in the Manitoban prairies, seasoning her craft with rich history and powerful textures.

Hand Games 

Read Hand Game Explainer


Butterflies in Spirit


Collaboration Video with Lorelei Williams

To learn more about the presenters, educators and performers at this year’s National Indigenous Peoples Day please contact them at the following:

Spirit of the Children Society

Savage Production Society

Saltwater Hank

Ila Barker


Monday, June 21, 2021