Mayor's Message

What an exciting year this will be for the City of New Westminster.

Canada 150 is a marvelous opportunity to celebrate our country and our city. Together, we will mark this important milestone of Confederation and the founding of our respected and peaceful nation. As we reflect on our country's history, and look toward the future, New Westminster encompasses the very best of Canada. New Westminster has grown from a gold rush supply post into a vibrant, prosperous and thriving place so many Canadians continue to choose for a better, more promising life.

You will hear much more about events and initiatives as the year progresses, with events being added to the calendar all year long. I am excited by our City-led events that include our Canada Day celebrations; Canada 150 Mosaic; Canada 150 Commemoration project; and Canada 150 street banners.  

We are celebrating with community events all across the city, organized and led by the individuals and organizations that are regularly involved in making our community a diverse and exciting place to live and visit. Invite your friends and family from far and wide to join in the festivities.

Jonathan X. Coté

Home project overview description (english)

During Canada’s 150th year, the City of New Westminster is leading a series of cultural projects centered on the concept of “Home”. These projects are engaging artists, residents and visitors in conversations surrounding Home; focusing on the theme as representing more than a place where we sleep, eat and keep our possessions. It is also a place of belonging, where safety, security and identity are upheld. At a time of increased immigration and displacement, home is often a new and challenging place. For everyone in New Westminster, Home is also on unceded territories. Houses, community spaces, neighborhoods, rivers, mountains, cities and countries are all a part of home and our City.

Five artists or arts collectives are contributing to New Westminster’s Canada 150 projects and their works range from video productions to literary interventions to live performances. All projects are based on engagement with City residents and will culminate in an exhibition mounted at Anvil Centre by the New Westminster Museum and Archives in February 2018.

Home Project Overview Description (French)

Dans le cadre du 150e anniversaire du Canada, la Ville de New Westminster dirige une série de projets culturels axés sur le concept du « foyer ». Par ces projets, les artistes, les résidents et les visiteurs sont encouragés à discuter ensemble du thème du foyer, qui représente plus qu’un endroit pour dormir, manger et conserver ses possessions. C’est également un lieu d’appartenance, où la sécurité, la protection et l’identité sont maintenues. Au moment où augmentent l’immigration et les déplacements, le foyer est souvent un lieu nouveau et stimulant. Pour toute personne vivant à New Westminster, son foyer se trouve également sur un territoire non cédé. Les maisons, les espaces communautaires, le voisinage, les rivières, les montagnes, les villages et la campagne constituent tous une partie du foyer et de notre ville.

This year’s activities were made possible in part by the Government of Canada.