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    Born and raised in New Westminster, Jalen's advocacy started over five years ago, with his initiative on a new community bus route for students. He's served New Westminster in a variety of Parks and Recreation roles, such as Children's Programs Supervisor and maintenance worker. These responsibilities have given Jalen experience supporting children of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. More than that, they've given him a passion for building strong, supportive networks across our city.

    In 2019, Jalen was recognized with the Youth Ambassador Award-a title given to an outstanding youth who has shown strong leadership and a passion for serving their community.

    While at New Westminster Secondary School, Jalen served as a Student Trustee on the School Board, providing a youth perspective on childcare, overcrowding and budgets.

    With Jalen's advocacy and experience in New Westminster, he hopes to be a strong community voice for students and working families.

    Email: Website: jalenbachra.ca

    lnstagram: @jalenbachra

    Twitter/X: @jalenbachra

    Facebook: Jalen Bachra

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    aka: Miss Kathleen

    Candidate for: SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEE New Westminster Progressives.

    Kathleen Carlsen, aka: "Miss Kathleen" (she/her/hers) lives in Massey Victory Heights with her husband, son, cat, and dog. She ran for School Trustee in 2022 and came in 7th place.

    "Miss Kathleen" has 30 plus years' experience working with students and families as a dance instructor and recreation leader in New Westminster. She gained much respect while serving four years as DPAC Chair leading with compassion, patience, and integrity. She's been involved with MVHRA, not-for-profit groups, PACs and youth sports teams. Kathleen volunteers locally and attends School Board meetings regularly.

    If elected, Carlsen will:

    1. Continue advocating to prioritize student safety and mental health; believing schools should be a safe place for all students
    2. Keep students and school staff at the forefront of all decisions
    3. Encourage parents and families to be more involved; to increase engagement between the Board, District and Families with respect, courtesy, and transparency



    Phone: 604 256 2910


    Facebook: Kathleen Carlsen (for School Trustee)

    Facebook: New West Progressives

    lnstagram: kathleencarlsen.sd40

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    Alejandro Diaz has been a long time New West resident. During the last 8 years, he has also been a local business owner. Alejandro hopes to bring to the Board a perspective that ensures the emotional and physical safety of every student, a creative educational environment, and fiscal responsibility.

    As the father of a neurodiverse child, he understands the importance of inclusion and wants to protect the individual integrity and safety of everyone.

    Alejandro understands the necessity of fiscal responsibility. Comprehensive and accountable budgets must be prepared to match the level of funding allotted to the district.

    He is a strong advocate for education in the skilled trades and believes in the role of the trades in supporting communities and providing meaningful careers for youth.


    Alejandro understands the ways of representative leadership. Parents, Teachers, Support Staff, and Administration all have a unique and valuable perspective on what schools should be.


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    I am running as an Independent Candidate for the School Board because I am committed to being an active listener in the community and a collaborator at the S040 table. I have been involved in our community since our family made New West our home. I'm currently the PAC treasurer at my child's elementary school, volunteer for the walking school bus and work at the Massey Theatre. With a background in Early Childhood Education, the Arts and as a parent of a young student, I am passionate about elevating our school system to further support students, caregivers and educators. We must first solidify inclusive, safe, and equitable access to education that benefits every child, so that we can grow stronger as an education system and as a community. My goals as a Trustee will mirror my goals as a parent - to listen, support and communicate each and every day.


    Website: www.shawndsorensen.ca

    Facebook: shawndsorensen

    Instagram: @shawndsorensen

    Reddit: shawndsorensen