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Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Council


Candidates for Mayor (in alphabetical order by last name):

Bell, Jimmie
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Profile submitted by candidate:

After considerable study, I appeared at the B.C. Supreme Court in Naniamo. At the end of the hearing, the judge ordered North Cowichan Municipality and the Cowichan Valley School Board to place the word independent below my name on the election ballots. I had promised the judge that I would refund all supporter donations. For this election in New Westminster. His order and my promise still stand.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-655-6450


Binns, Nikki
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Profile submitted by candidate:

For citizens of all ages, New Westminster has been a positive experience. My goal is to ensure the same holds true for future generations because, be it architecture or civic celebrations, 'heritage' significantly defines our community life. 

I attended McBride Elementary, my parents and siblings still live in New Westminster. My husband, Gene, and I are now happily raising our seven children to be involved, contributing, Royal City residents. 

As active patrons of "New West Life" - local parks, pools, ice arenas; sports fields and the Arenex where my children loved gymnastics and motoring munchkins; Massey Theatre's enriching performances; parades, May Day, Canada Day, and many more events.  For me balancing family, work, and community is the key to success.   

The city also requires balance - better fiscal management and greater, not diminished, access to a variety of amenities and civic events to create a vibrant, cultural diversity.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-525-9559
Email address: binns_10@hotmail.com


Cote, Jonathan X.
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Profile submitted by candidate:

It has been an honour to serve as Mayor of New Westminster for the past 4 years. Along with my wife Alix and our three daughters, I am proud to call New Westminster home— and since I began serving on City Council in 2005 I’ve been grateful to be part of making our city a great place to live, work and play.

I am excited about the potential I see in our city, but we need to build on the work we have done. Investing in community amenities that we love like the Canada Game Pool ,our Library and connecting our Riverfront are important to ensuring we are building a city that is both vibrant and liveable.

I’m excited to continue working with all of New Westminster’s citizens to keep up the momentum we’ve built together.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-529-8919
Email address: jonathan@votecote.ca
Website address: www.votecote.ca


Woldring, Harm Jacob
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Profile submitted by candidate:

I first moved to New Westminster in 1970 with my mother and five brothers and sisters after my father was killed in a crash on the Hope - Princeton Highway. My mother, who has always been my inspiration, used a small life insurance payout to buy a business, The Book Bazaar on Columbia St. near 8th St., and a house on Sherbrooke St. in upper Sapperton. My younger siblings attended school here. My youngest brother was Class President at NWSS. I returned to New Westminster in 2004 when I bought The Wine Factory. I moved here in 2011, the year I moved my business to Front St. Since then I have watched the impacts of our development centric local government on our city. I am running for Mayor because I am tired of living and working in what I have come to call Wal-Mart New Westminster.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-781-4634
Email address: harmwoldring@shaw.ca



Candidates for Council (in alphabetical order by last name):

Das, Chinu
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Profile submitted by candidate:

I am excited to be running for New Westminster City Council.

As a longtime resident of the city, I want New Westminster to be a livable, vibrant and inclusive community. I can bring an informed and collaborative voice to city council from my 29 years of living, working, and volunteering in the city. I have a PhD in Urban Planning from UBC, with a research focus on social issues.

I am committed to:


Create housing options that will meet the wide range of needs of residents and newcomers.

Social connectedness.

Provide neighbourhood level indoor and outdoor activities for families, seniors and newcomers to build a strong sense of community.

Inclusion and diversity.

Create a hub for newcomers and immigrants to find the information they need to settle in New Westminster and make friends.

Campaign contact information:

Email address: chinudas.604@gmail.com
Website address: www.chinudas.ca


Fontaine, Daniel
New West Progressives
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Profile submitted by candidate:

My wife, son and I are long-time residents of New Westminster and I currently work as the CEO for a non-profit society responsible for helping to strengthen seniors care across B.C. I’m proud to be running with three other council candidates as part of the New West Progressives team. We’re putting forward new ideas and want to restore a more balanced approach on council.

In 2016 I was given the Volunteer of the Year Award from the NW Minor Hockey Association. In 2013 I was honoured to receive a Queen’s Jubilee Medal for Public Service. My career includes working as a civic affairs columnist for a regional newspaper and as a weekly political commentator on the former Bill Good Show on CKNW radio.

Our progressive platform is comprehensive, positive and provides voters with a clear pathway to making our city an even better place to live, work and play.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 778-863-7201
Campaign cell number: 778-858-4436
Email address: daniel@nwprogressives.ca
Website address: www.nwprogressives.ca
Twitter @FontaineNW


Hunter, Troy
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Profile submitted by candidate:

Troy Hunter owns and operates New Columbia Law Corporation downtown on Columbia Street. In 2008, Troy Hunter was elected and served for a three-year term as School Trustee in SD#58.  Hunter was called to the bar in 2013 with the Law Society of Upper Canada and since 2014, he practices law in BC.  He opened his own law corporation in New Westminster in 2017 with his Indonesian wife, Evi Fridayanti.

Employment and immigration, affordable housing, growth and capacity, dog parks, transportation, infrastructure, having a regular night market, movie productions, heritage markers, and reconciliation are issues of concern.

Troy Hunter is an author, historian and multimedia artist.  His undergraduate education is in Cultural Resource Management.  Hunter is a member of the Ktunaxa First Nation from southeast British Columbia and is thrilled to live and work in the historic Royal City.  Troy Hunter was born in New Westminster in Canada’s centennial year.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-757-0406
Email address: troyhunter@zoho.com
Website address: www.troyhunter.ca


Ireland, Mike
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Profile submitted by candidate:

Mike Ireland was born in Vancouver and resided in different municipalities throughout the Lower mainland until he was 30. Mike made a career move to LA in 1997 where he lived until 2015. He decided that family back in BC was a priority. Moving home and purchasing a residence in NW near his father, Mike Ireland Sr. a retired teacher at NWSS, has led to Mike Jr. pursuing this interest in local governance. Mike’s career background is in Infrastructure projects as a Director for a large construction firm that employs over 8000 people. His knowledge of contracts and Infrastructure will guide NW modernization while preserving our heritage. He has served on Boards for finance, business associations and industry councils. He believes in leadership through engaged listening. Mike has a son and daughter, both adults, is an Ironman triathlete, food, art, movies and music lover. Mike is never afraid of challenges.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-828-2164
Campaign cell number: 587-335-0399
Email address: mikeireland@mikei4nwcouncil.org
Website address: www.mikei4nwcouncil.org


Johnstone, Patrick
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Profile submitted by candidate:

In my first term on Council, I worked to open up the process of local government and engage the community in a discussion about New Westminster. I have done this at the council table, in the community, and through my website (patrickjohnstone.ca) where I reported out in plain language on every council meeting and decision.

I am proud of the work Council has done to find a balance between costs and services and of our reputation as the most progressive and dynamic community in the Lower Mainland: The place people want to be. However, there is much important work to do including the Canada Games Pool replacement, protecting and expanding our affordable housing stock, and making our traffic systems work smarter.

I will continue to be an outspoken and engaged representative, and will strive to protect the things that make New Westminster a great home: its accessibility, affordability, and sustainability.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-525-5009
Email address: info@patrickjohnstone.ca
Website address: www.patrickjohnstone.ca


McEvoy, Jaimie
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Profile submitted by candidate:

Jaimie McEvoy is an experienced city councillor with a commitment to work on behalf of all citizens of New Westminster.  He has worked on key issues such as transportation and traffic, the environment, affordable housing, better health care, and preserving the city’s heritage.

Jaimie believes housing affordability is a high priority and is working to end renovictions and increase social housing.

When it comes to transportation, Jaimie has chaired the Neighbourhood Traffic Committee, which has developed programs like Safe Routes to Schools, the Sapperton Transportation Plan, safety improvements to city streets, and better support for cycling and pedestrians.  He co-chaired the city’s Master Transportation Plan committee, the first ever long-term strategic approach to traffic issues in the city.

He also worked to develop the Environmental Strategic Plan.

Jaimie is a hard-worker well-known for standing up for everybody in the city, and for his work in support of the city’s heritage.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-522-9114
Email address: mcevoyforcouncil@yahoo.ca
Website address: www.jaimiemcevoy.ca


McNamara, Paul
New West Progressives
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Profile submitted by candidate:

I have been a proud resident of New Westminster since 2002 along with my wife and daughter.  I was a serving member of the Vancouver Police Department for 26 years, retiring in 2016.  I am currently a Program Manager with a security company in BC.  I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle competing in water-based sports, often competing in local and international events.  As a family we have made New Westminster our home and I would like to be part of ensuring the City continues to evolve, prosper and grow with input from our community - making it the best community in the Lower Mainland. 

New Westminster has the opportunity to be a leader in sports infrastructure, the arts, restaurants and healthy community living as we are central to the Lower Mainland.  I’m proud to be one of eight candidates running with the New West Progressives team this election.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 778-773-4771
Website address: paulmcnamara4nw.com


Nakagawa, Nadine
Link to nomination documents

Profile submitted by candidate:

It is an honour to be running for New Westminster City Council. Together, we can create a community that works for and includes everyone.

I am committed to:

Housing. Creating diverse and inclusive housing opportunities that support current New Westminster residents and those who want to call our city home. 

Public spaces and Infrastructure. Investing in our city’s unique public spaces to increase accessibility and to promote liveability for everyone.

Community engagement and well being. Listening to, and working with, engaged and passionate residents to build the city we all want to live in.

My values are:

  • Inclusivity 
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Reconciliation 
  • Economic vibrancy 
  • Accessibility

I am honoured to be the Citizen of the Year for my community-building work in New Westminster and I will bring that collaborative approach to city council. You can find information about my work in the community at votenadine.ca

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 778-979-2138
Email address: info@votenadine.ca
Website address: votenadine.ca


Ogden, Benny
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Profile submitted by candidate:

I believe that everyone should have a home that they can afford and are comfortable in. I will be constantly looking for ways to make life more affordable. I will fight to help those facing demo/renovictions. I also believe in supporting small businesses. They are a vital part of our economy and local culture. It's time for new ideas, fresh blood, and fresh eyes. My ears are also open at 778-697-1071.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign cell number: 778-697-1071
Email address: bennyogden77@gmail.com
Website address: bennyogden.com
Facebook Facebook.com/bennyogdennw


Puchmayr, Chuck
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Profile submitted by candidate:

As a 5 term councillor and a former MLA I have played a key role in bringing over 200 million dollars worth of infrastructure funding to our city. The Hyack square redevelopment, Anvil Centre, Queensborough Community Centre and all wheel park are just some of those gifts to our city. I want to continue to deliver strong leadership and open government to the citizens of New Westminster. As we transition from an industrial to a knowledge based economy, we need to continue our focus on livability. Purpose built rental housing and family friendly housing is providing some desperately needed shelter so that families may stay in the city they love.  During the past 4 years I have enjoyed working with a diverse and respectful mayor and councillors.  It is the respect we have shown each other that has made this city so strong.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-525-0279
Email address: capuchmayr@gmail.com
Website address: chuckpuchmayr.ca
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @chuckpuchmayr


Sealy, Angela
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Profile submitted by candidate:

I moved to New Westminster in 1979 and bring 20 years experience as a skilled collaborative facilitator with expertise in community engagement and various dialogic methods.

I hold a M.Ed degree, a certificate in Civic Dialogue and Engagement from Simon Fraser University.

I am accustomed to listening to clients’ needs, treating everyone with respect by embracing diversity and inclusion.

My platform – Housing, Growing business, accredited Age Friendly Community

My promise to you the voter, is to work collaboratively with my colleagues to address the following issues:

  • The housing crisis (renoviction/demoviction); (I am a renter)
  • Changes to the Residential Tenancy Act to create an incentive for owners to keep their buildings (our homes) in good physical condition,
  • Take a new look at long-term rentals in private homes which will add to the rental stock
  • ​Put a new lens on equity co-ops which is an innovative way to become a homeowner

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number 604-522-1492
Campaign cell number 778-928-1492
Email address: voteangela.sealy@shaw.ca
Website address: www.voteangelasealy.com
Twitter: @AngelaSealy6
Instagram: angelaforcouncillor
Facebook: Vote-Angela-217922902148737


Trentadue, Mary
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Profile submitted by candidate:

It has been my great privilege to serve the past four years as a City Councillor for the residents of New Westminster on the traditional unceded territory of the Qayqayt First Nation and Coast Salish people.

During my first term I advocated for flexible housing choices and pushed for bold planning that returns to the City much-needed amenities and child-care spaces. I strongly advocate for the Arts and will continue to explore partnerships with our Arts Community.

My commitments: 

*Rebuilding the Canada Games Pool & Arenex

*Increasing housing options, and protecting rental stock

*Improve local traffic challenges with innovation

New Westminster is a unique and special city. We maintain our small town feel by keeping in touch with our neighbours and caring for each other and the community. I am proud to have contributed to New Westminster’s growth and vitality in my first term as Councillor and continue looking forward.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 604-540-2445
Email address: info@marytrentadue.ca
Website address: www.marytrentadue.ca


Vaillancourt, Ellen
New West Progressives
Link to nomination documents

Profile submitted by candidate:

Ellen Vaillancourt is passionate about New Westminster – a City within a City – its cultural heritage, its welcoming people, its vibrant neighbourhoods, its arts and cultural diversity, its beauty.

A proud resident for 30+ years, Ellen raised her two sons and spent decades as a Salmonbellies LAX mom, a Games Pool and Gym rat, a dedicated “Music Mondays” Suzuki Violin mom at Douglas College, and sat on countless boards and PAC committees.

She actively works on local and global issues involving new immigrants, refugees, mental health, women’s empowerment, economic development, community engagement, climate change, peace-building and the arts.

A graduate with degrees in Leadership (BA TWU), Liberal Arts (Cert SFU), Design (BAC Paris), Education (DIP VCC), Ellen has a rare mix of education, training, and experience that is well suited to public service.

Insightful, action oriented, and relationship focused, Ellen would be honoured to serve the citizens of New Westminster.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 778-863-7201
Email address: info@ellenvaillancourt.com
Website address: nwprogressives.ca
Twitter: @ellenvaillan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellen.vaillancourt.9
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellenvaillan/?hl=en
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenvaillancourt/


Ward, Bryn
New West Progressives
Link to nomination documents

Profile submitted by candidate:

Bryn moved to New Westminster in 2001 to raise her daughter in a wonderful family-orientated community. Bryn is the President of the Hyack Festival Association and a top ranking RE/MAX Advantage REALTOR®.

After graduating from Beverly Hills High School with honours & as public speaking champion she was an actress for 30 years and taught at her local acting school. One of her favourite roles was playing ‘Libby’ on “Party of Five”.

She received the 2017 RE/MAX Community Spirit Award.

She is an advocate for arts & culture, education, mental health & addiction: funding-treatment- recovery, affordable housing and a balance of tradition/modernization in our Royal City.

“I believe I can make a difference and would like to not only give back to the city I love so much but improve it for our children and future generations”.

Bryn is proud to be running with the New West Progressives.

Campaign contact information:

Campaign phone number: 778-863-7201
Campaign cell number: 778-858-4463
Email address: bryn@nwprogressives.ca
Website address: brynward4nw.com