Can I Canvas in Multifamily Buildings?

Changes to the Local Government Act now allow candidates and appointed canvassers into multifamily buildings (strata, rental and co-op) for canvassing.

The Province has changed the Local Government Act to allow candidates for local government and appointed canvassers reasonable access to multifamily dwellings, including strata, rental and co-op housing during the campaign period (9am to 9 pm, September 17 to October 15, 2022)

A summary of the requirements is below:

  • A candidate or authorized canvasser must have reasonable access to residential property for the purpose of canvassing electors and distributing candidate information;
  • If requested by a resident of the property, landlord, housing cooperative or strata corporation, or anyone acting on their behalf, candidates and authorized canvassers must produce:
    • A government-issued photo ID; and
    • Proof of candidacy (form C2 or CS2 for candidates); or,
    • A candidate's written authorization to canvass on their behalf (Canvasser Authorization form for canvassers)

As a courtesy, a letter has been sent to strata, co-op and rental buildings, informing them of this change.

Candidates must make their own arrangements with the building management for access.