Provincial Home Owner Grant Programs

The Home Owner Grant Program is a Provincial Government program designed to help homeowners with their Property Taxes. The Home Owner Grant reduces the amount of Property Taxes home owners pay on their principal residence. For full details and to ensure you qualify, please refer to the Province's website at There are two categories of grants which may reduce a home owner's property taxes:

Basic Grant of $570

In general, to qualify for the grant you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are the registered owner of the residence (or a spouse/relative of the deceased owner of the property and at the date the owner passed away, you both occupied this residence as your principal residence)
  • You are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident of Canada
  • You live in BC
  • You occupy the residence as you principal residence

Additional Grant of $845

In general, to qualify for the additional grant, you must be:

  • age 65 or over during this calendar year, or
  • a person with disabilities or the spouse or relative of a person with a permanent disability (your physician must complete a Certificate of Person with Disabilities and Property Owner" (Form B – FIN74)  available from the Property Tax Department), or
  • in receipt of a disability allowance or benefit under the Disability Benefits Program Act (the Ministry of Human Resources must complete a Home Owner Grant Consent for Release of Information (FIN81) confirming your eligibility), or
  • receiving an allowance under the War Veteran Allowance Act (Canada) or the Merchant Navy Veteran and Civilian War-related Benefits Act (Canada) (provide a copy of your most recent cheque stub - War Disability Pensions do not apply), or
  • a spouse or relative of a deceased owner who passed away that year and the owner would have been eligible as a senior or a person with disabilities.

The grant is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value over $1,525,000. As a result, the basic grant is reduced to zero for residential properties valued at $1,639,000 or more. The additional grant is eliminated on residential properties assessed at $1,8694,000 or more.

Homeowners eligible for the basic grant must pay a minimum tax of $350. Homeowners eligible for the additional grant must pay a minimum tax of $100.

The homeowner grant must be claimed by the Tax Due Date to avoid penalty. To obtain the grant, you must complete the application form on the front of the tax notice or to apply online, click here. Unclaimed grants constitute unpaid current taxes and are subject to penalties. The grant can be claimed without making a payment. If you qualify for the additional grant and wish to obtain it, you must tick the box that describes your qualification. If over 65, state your birth date.

If your mortgage company or other agent pays your property taxes, it is your responsibility to claim the grant by completing the grant application and delivering to City Hall by the due date or online (click here).

Multiple Home Owner Grant (Housing Co-op)

The multiple home owner grant allows property owners to apply for the homeowner grant on behalf of eligible occupants living in their building or on their property.

If you own property that qualifies for the multiple home owner grant, you must apply for the grant each year and pass on the benefit to your eligible occupants.

To qualify for the multiple home owner grant you must:

  • Be the registered owner of:
    • An eligible building
    • Eligible land


  • Have eligible occupants living in your property