Provincial Home Owner Grant Programs

The Home Owner Grant Program is a Provincial Government program designed to help homeowners with their Property Taxes. The Home Owner Grant reduces the amount of Property Taxes home owners pay on their principal residence. There are two categories of grants which may reduce a home owner's property taxes:

Basic Grant of $570

To qualify for the grant you must meet the following requirements:

Additional Grant of $845

You may qualify for the Additional grant if you satisfy all the Basic Grant requirements and:

Your Property’s Value & Location

If your property has an assessed or partitioned value of $1,600,000 or less, the Home owner grant may reduce your taxes up to $570.

If you meet all the requirements but your property’s assessed or portioned value is over $1,600,000, you may qualify for the grant at a reduced amount. The grant is reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value over $1,600,000. This means the grant isn’t available for properties assessed over $1,714,000 ($1,769,000 if owner is eligible for additional grant).

Your Property Taxes

Most homeowners must pay at least $350 in property taxes before claiming the Home owner grant to help fund services such as road maintenance and police protection. This amount may be less if you qualify for the Home owner grant as a senior, veteran or person with a disability.

If you purchased your property during the current tax year, you may be eligible for the Home owner grant if you meet the following requirements:

  • The previous owner didn’t  pay all of the property taxes
  • The previous owner didn’t claim the grant
  • You didn’t receive a grant this year for another home

Notes & Resources


The Home owner grant must be claimed by July 4, 2017 avoid the 5% penalty. To obtain the grant, you must complete the Home owner grant application form on the front of the Tax Notice or to apply online. Unclaimed grants constitute unpaid current taxes and are subject to penalties. The grant can be claimed without making a payment.

If your mortgage company or an agent will be paying your property taxes, it is your responsibility to claim the grant by completing the grant application and delivering to City Hall by the due date or completing application form online.