Online - Home Owner Grant Application

If you qualify for the provincial residential home owner grant, why not consider making your application online.

It’s easy, quick and convenient - especially if you're paying your taxes through telebanking, pc banking or through your mortgage company.

  • Save time standing in line
  • Get immediate confirmation that your grant application has been received.

Online Home Owner Grant Application

Home Owner Grant Additional Explanatory Notes

An owner together with his/her spouse qualifies for a grant on only one residence in the Province in any one calendar year.

The grant is not payable unless the dwelling described on the tax notice is the principal residence of the owner who is a permanent resident of the Province.

To avoid penalty, an owner should apply for a grant prior to the tax due date even if he/she is not paying taxes that are due at that time.

A grant may not be payable if an application for the grant is delivered to the collector later than December 31. Extensions for one year may be allowed. Contact the Property Tax Department.

If an applicant is unable to apply, the application may be made by the applicant's committee or a person appointed in writing as the applicant's attorney.

You may be required to provide satisfactory documentary evidence showing eligibility.

A spouse, child, grandchild, father, mother, brother or sister of a qualifying deceased owner may be eligible for the grant in the year of the owner's death if the residence was their principal residence at the time of death.

A medical certificate is required for a person with a permanent physical disability if the claim for additional grant is made by that person or by the spouse or relative of that person (relative being child, grandchild, brother, sister, grandparent, parent, stepparent or person who stands in place of a parent). The required forms are available from the Property Tax Department.

The term owner is defined in the Home Owner Grant Act and the Taxation (Rural Area) Act and may include a lessee under a lease of 99 years or more when the lessee is bound to pay current taxes.

A spouse, in addition to its ordinary meaning, includes a man or woman not married to each other but who have lived together as husband and wife for a continuous period of not less than 2 years before the death of either of them, or the filing of an application by either of them.

Spouse does not include a person separated and living apart from his or her spouse, who has entered into a written agreement with the spouse to live separately, or who is subject to an order of the court recognizing the separation.

Owners of eligible buildings, land cooperatives and multi-dwelling leased parcels, as defined in the Act, must use special forms prescribed by regulation instead of the form set out on the tax notice. The required forms are available from the Property Tax Department.