Documents Released Under FOI

How FOI Request are Processed for Release

The City of New Westminster publicly posts documents released through FOI with the exception of requests for records that contain personal and confidential information. The public release of documents began in 2016. Requests are posted for one year.  Requests are posted monthly at least 24 hours after their release to the applicant.

The original wording of the records requested is provided in the release table below. Records are posted exactly as provided to the applicant.

In compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, information in the records that falls under an exception or exemption in the Act, such as personal or confidential information, is severed from the records. Severed information in a document is whited out and the section(s) of the Act applied is in black text written over top.

Information Released 2017

Documents and data are organized based on the date of release.

Release Date                      

File type


19-Jan-17 Fire

The number of calls each Fire Hall in the City of New Westminster responded to each month during 2016 compared to each month in 2015 (Divided by Fire Hall). How many of the emergency calls each Fire Hall responded to were overdose related? The number of times Naloxone or Narcan was used on a patient by a firefighter each month in 2016.


Building A copy of the building application and building permits for 188 Suzuki from 1991 to 1996.
16-Mar-17 Animal Services

Stats on dogs that have bit/attacked other animals/humans for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 including:
 1. Breed of dog that bit/attacked
 2. Bite directed towards? i.e.       another dog, another animal, human.
3. Year incident took place
4. Total number of bites/attacks in  the city per year

23-Mar-17 Engineering

A letter sent to Coastline Development related to 624 Agnes St, and the engineering sign off of ventilation openings in the strata building to ensure compliance with the BCBC.

24-Mar-17 Animal Services

A list of dogs who are licensed this year who are designate as dangerous.


Engineering A copy of records related to with any information you have regarding traffic light sequencing at the intersections of 6th Street with 5th, 6th and 7th Avenues for January 16, 2015 at approximately 8:00p.m.
12-Apr-17 Engineering Copies of all Letters of Assurance / Schedules relating to the mechanical systems of the building, 600 Park Crescent, New Westminster, British Columbia, Strata Plan BCS 219.
18-May-17 Engineering

For copies of all documentation including but not limited to engineering and soil reports produced for the development of the subdivisions of Sparks Court and Pretty Court from approximately 1992 to 1996

02-Jun-17 Engineering Copies of the building and soil deposit permits for 280 Campbell Street from March to May 2017.


For copies of records related to the history of licensing towards vehicles for hire by the City of New Westminster and the equipment history of vehicles from 1971 to 2004 for the following companies:

  • Royal City Taxi Ltd
  • Royal City Cabs Ltd
  • New Westminster Taxi Ltd
  • Royal City Taxi Cabs Ltd
  • Duart S.M. Holding Ltd
  • Metro Taxi Dispatch Ltd
  • Richmond Taxi Co Holdings
  • Richmond Taxi Co Ltd
  • Also any transfer/transaction of vehicles class A, N or Airport Permit (Class D) from Richmond Cad Ltd and Coral Cabs Ltd, Richmond Taxi Co Ltd or New Westminster Taxi Ltd to the above noted companies during 1987 to 2004.
15-Jun-17 Building For copies of all correspondence, documents, reports, staff notes, briefing notes, memorandum, and related records including electronic records, relating to the Demolition Permit #: BP010683.
19-Jun-17 Fire For copies of records that shows the last 10 consecutive actual Fire Department response times, from the time a call received to the time the fire crews arrive at the subject location. Of particular interest is Quayside drive (false alarms included). Furthermore, comparison data with other cities comparable in size to New Westminster would be appreciated.
21-Jun-17 Animal Control

For copies of records related to: The number of dogs residing in New Westminster in each community (i.e. number of dogs in uptown, moody park, Victoria Hill, Downtown, Quay etc.) by dog breed. The number of attacks by big dogs on small dogs in New Westminster.

22-Jun-17 Development Services For copies of all staff communications related to the information given by Jay Wollenberg in a presentation to Council on April 24, 2017.
14-Jul-17 Fire NWFRS Task Force Inventory of the City's estimate 500 lowrise, woodframe apartment buildings.
6-Jul-17 Building
Building permit for 322 7th street 2nd and 3rd floors
21-Aug-17 Building Building File for 322 7th - Current building permits
31-Aug-17 Fire For copies of records related to the age, construction, general construction and state of fire safety of the residential building inventory 11 page list received July 14, 2017
18-Sep-17 Building/Development Services

For records regarding the building envelope replacement at 240, 244, 248 Sherbrooke Street

  • Any documents that shows that City Council decided that the strata corporation cannot change one of the building envelope components, example the stone cladding to something else.
  • Documents that show how much both permits cost for this property to have the cladding replace.
  • The total value of repairs under the developer’s permit.
  • The total actual value of repairs under the building permit.
  • Any documentation from the strata corporation or whoever acted on their behalf, presented to City Council in regards of building envelope stone cladding replacement and a copy of any decision made by Council in this regard.
27-Sep-17 Building A copy of the occupancy permit for 203-526 13th Street, New Westminster BC, V3M 4L9
22-Nov-17 Building

For inspection dates for the property at 337 East 8th avenue, New Westminster:

a) the Top Roof Truss Inspection

b) the Top Roof Sheathing Inspections.

c) the Top soffit electrical inspection.