Documents Released Under FOI

How FOI Request are Processed for Release

The City of New Westminster publicly posts documents released through FOI with the exception of requests for records that contain personal and confidential information. The public release of documents began in 2016. Requests are posted for one year.  Requests are posted monthly at least 24 hours after their release to the applicant.

The original wording of the records requested is provided in the release table below. Records are posted exactly as provided to the applicant.

In compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, information in the records that falls under an exception or exemption in the Act, such as personal or confidential information, is severed from the records. Severed information in a document is whited out and the section(s) of the Act applied is in black text written over top.

Information Released 2018

Documents and data are organized based on the date of release.

Release Date                      

File type


March 12, 2018 Engineering For copies of the final submission of Geotechnical Report for the development at 1306 FIFTH AVE - Property No: 150235 - Folio: 06942000 - PID: 029-323-762
April 25, 2018 HR For copies of all Official New Westminster City Documents pertaining to:
Council and Staff Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, or the like
• Council and Staff Adherence to City Policy
Mayor and Council Oath of Office
• Guidelines Pertaining to Equal Treatment / Equality for all residents of New Westminster
April 26, 2018 Building All permits for each individual strata lot of Tiffany Shores.
May 2, 2018 Engineering All records related to the traffic design of the exit of Blackie Street onto Carnarvon Street.
June 25, 2018 Parks and Recreation A copy of the current agreement between the City of New Westminster and the New Westminster Tennis Club, any correspondence within the last five years between the two parties.
July 7, 2018 Finance

For lists of Grants to community groups and lists of Permissive Tax Exemptions  for the years preceding 2004.

2011 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

2012 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

2013 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

2014 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

2015 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

2016 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

2017 - Grants & Permissive tax Exempt

July 18, 2018 Animal Services

The total number of dogs and cats taken into the shelter that were impounded, strays or owner surrender; number of dogs and cats claimed from the shelter; and the number of breeders holding a Breeding Kennel license or Breeding Hobby license for each dogs and cats.

September 14, 2018 Engineering Operations

For an estimate on how much the City spends each year on cleaning up illegal dumping or any related facts

November 29, 2018 Engineering

For raw data for all water sampling/testing conducted by or on behalf of the City of New Westminster in private buildings and all water testing conducted within the City of New Westminster’s water distribution network from Jan. 1, 2014 to present

NWR By-station 2014

NWR By-station 2015

NWR By-station 2016

NWR By-station 2017