Patrick Johnstone

Patrick Johnstone is a long-time New Westminster resident and is serving his second term on Council.

Patrick Johnstone is a professional geoscientist and community volunteer serving his second term on Council.

Born and raised in the Kootenays (Ktunaxa traditional lands), Patrick lives in the Brow of the Hill neighbourhood with his partner Antigone, rides his bike with the Fraser River Fuggitivi, and curls at the Royal City Curling Club He has volunteered in various roles in the community, and has worked towards increasing civic engagement in New West through social media and his blog, where he tries to make local government more understandable to the general community.

In his Council role, Patrick is a member of the Environment and Climate Task Force, the Facilities, Infrastructure and Public Realm Task Force, and the Sustainable Transportation Task Force. He is the Chair of the Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee and the Facilities, Infrastructure and Public Realm Advisory Committee. He is also a member of the New Westminster Electrical Utility Commission, as well as Council Liaison for the Glenbrooke North and Queensborough Residents' Associations.   

Outside of Council, he serves as Vice President of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association and as Chair of the Community Energy Association, a non-profit that provides climate action solutions to communities across Western Canada. 

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