Intergovernmental Relations

Intergovernmental RELATIONS

Intergovernmental Relations staff provide the following functions for the City of New Westminster:

Advocacy, Funding and Coordination

  • Provide corporate support, and leadership for intergovernmental issues and opportunities;
  • Advocate for New Westminster issues with senior governments, other municipal and regional partners and key external stakeholders; and
  • Secure funding opportunities and partnerships with senior governments for major capital projects.

Relationship Development

  • Facilitate relationships and partnerships with senior levels of government, First Nations, other municipalities, and key external stakeholders;
  • Encourage collaborative decision-making;
  • Develop policy and strategic initiatives; and
  • Address intergovernmental, regional, inter-municipal and other external stakeholder priorities and issues.

Research and Analysis

  • Analyze intergovernmental or inter-municipal trends and issues that are of interest to the City; and
  • Review federal and provincial policy, budget, legislative and program changes as they relate to the City.

For more information contact:

Denise A. Tambellini
Intergovernmental & Community Relations Manager