Intergovernmental Relations

Intergovernmental Advocacy Plan - 2019 to 2022*

The City of New Westminster is committed to advancing our short and long term objectives with senior levels of government and key stakeholders through collaboration, teamwork and advocacy. The Intergovernmental Relations Advocacy Plan highlights the major strategic projects over the next three years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a new NEW WEST MATTERS page at to connect with the community.

*Please note that this is a living plan that will change as resources are secured or projects are completed. 

City Council’s Current Strategic Intergovernmental Project Priorities

1. Environment and Climate Action

2. Affordable Housing

3. Culture and Economic Development

  • Massey Theatre Upgrade
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Program Implementation

4. Reconciliation, Inclusion and Engagement

  • Engagement and inclusion of local First Nations
  • Creating Alternate Community Response to Mental Health Crisis – Police Reform

5. Facilities, Infrastructure and Public Realm

6. Sustainable Transportation

Intergovernmental Services

Intergovernmental Relations staff provide the following functions for the City of New Westminster:

Advocacy, Funding and Coordination

  • Provide corporate support, and leadership for intergovernmental issues and opportunities;
  • Advocate for New Westminster issues with senior governments, other municipal and regional partners and key external stakeholders; and
  • Secure funding opportunities and partnerships with senior governments for major capital projects.

Relationship Development

  • Facilitate relationships and partnerships with senior levels of government, First Nations, municipalities, and key external stakeholders;
  • Encourage collaborative decision-making; and
  • Address intergovernmental, regional, inter-municipal and other external stakeholder priorities and issues.

Research and Analysis

  • Analyze intergovernmental or inter-municipal trends and issues that are of interest to the City; and
  • Review federal and provincial policy, budget, legislative and program changes as they relate to the City.

For more information contact:
Denise A. Tambellini
Intergovernmental & Community Relations Manager