Affordable Housing & Child Care

Affordable housing is critical for health, security, and overall well-being and encompasses choice, supply, security, affordability, and suitability. As the City, we strive to do our part to meet the housing needs of our diverse community, including protecting rental housing stock and tenants' rights, addressing homelessness, and locating housing close to employment, childcare, and services.

Key directions:

  • Protect and enhance rental housing, including below and non-market units.
  • Aggressively pursue creative approaches to housing policy and on-the-ground projects to transform the way housing is provided in New Westminster.
  • Facilitate development of a range of ground-oriented infill housing and provision of other choices in housing under a range of tenures and ownership models.
  • Explore strategies to reduce homelessness, including developing opportunities for supportive housing.
  • Use partnerships, negotiations with developers, and leveraging of City resources to secure development of below and non-market housing, as well as affordable childcare.

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