Facilities, Infrastructure, and Public Realm

Well-designed civic facilities are essential for a livable, thriving, and sustainable community. As such, reinvestment is needed to maintain existing assets, support sustainable lifecycle costing, and uphold levels of service the community expects and deserves. Our work on this front is guided by the strong belief that public spaces are for everyone and their design should reflect our community's diversity and commitment to reconciliation.

Key directions:

  • Ensure all major projects incorporate:
    • Climate robust intrastructure;
    • High standards of project delivery; and
    • Adaptation strategies that build on existing programs or policies and provide co-benefits with other community priorities such as advancing reconciliation.
  • Advance key utility projects.
  • Prepare a land acquisition strategy to advance this plan.
  • Support and engage the community in preparing for future facilities, parts and open space needs, and aspirations.

Learn more about the future New West Aquatics and Community Centre here.