Reconciliation, Inclusion, and Engagement

Our community is equitable, inclusive, and welcoming, and we recognize cultural diversity as a source of enrichment and strength. We value, foster, and maintain strong relations with the Indigenous members of our community and embrace reconciliation as a path forward. We also seek to ensure ours is a socially-connected and engaged community where all residents have opportunities to be involved.

Key directions:

  • Actively and meaningfully engage with Indigenous nations, bands, communities, and individuals to develop enduring relationships.
  • Ensure that this organization's engagement practices and processes are representative of the entire community.
  • Continue to monitor, evaluate, and respond to emerging community and social issues.
  • Create a welcoming, inclusive, and accepting community that promotes a deep understanding and respect for all cultures.
  • Apply a social equity lens throughout this organization to ensure that all residents can access, participate in, and benefit from City facilities, infrastructure, programs, and services.
  • Take a lead role in responding to the opioid epidemic, including coordinating actions with community partners.