City Hall Upgrades

Strategic plan alignment

Strategic Priority #1: Community Livability & Social Equity


New Westminster City Hall has been the community’s epicentre for municipal services since it was first constructed in 1953. As the city has grown, so too have the services we offer to meet the needs of the community. Over the years, departments have had to re-locate in other buildings throughout the City, creating barriers to collaboration and work flow. To facilitate “one stop” service and ensure city services offered to the public continue to be performed in an efficient manner, necessary renovations are being made to City Hall.


A design team has been retained to finalize the layouts with department representatives for Phase One renovations, which include the basement level east side and the main floor east side. It is intended that Parks and Recreation administration will move into the former Human Resources space on the west side of the main floor. A seismic upgrade will also be undertaken for the basement level and east side of the main floor in advance of the full building seismic upgrade that is scheduled for Phase Two of the project.