Intelligent City Fibre Optic Network


Strategic Priority #1: Community Livability & Social Equity

Strategic Priority #2: Vibrant Economy

Strategic Priority #6: Catalyst Project



Affordable access to broadband connectivity is critical for facilitating local business growth, innovation and productivity. A key component of the City of New Westminster’s “Intelligent City” initiative is the development of an open access “dark” fibre network (i.e., a fibre optic that is available to multiple users) connecting commercial districts throughout the City and being made available to telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs) for connecting multi-family residences, local businesses and institutions to high speed broadband service. In early 2015, Council approved a business plan that will see dark fibre connectivity to Uptown, Downtown, Sapperton, 12th Street and Queensborough business districts. 


Phases I and II of the Fibre Optic Network are complete, while 50% of Downtown’s Phase III is complete. Co-location facilities are also now completed. Currently, eight service providers have signed agreements with the City, with the latest being Shaw Communications. 22 buildings, as well as eight businesses, Douglas College, and the Justice Institute, are now all connected to the fibre network.


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